Dive in: 5 ocean adventures your family will love

written by Intrepid Travel February 1, 2018
Family snorkelling

Are your kids real water babies? If so, you’ll be familiar with the need to find family holiday destinations that give them plenty of chances to splash around. Whether they like the idea of jumping off a boat into the Adriatic, or tubing down the rapids in Saklikent Gorge. Here are five different water-filled adventures for the whole family to enjoy…

Find Dory in Monterey Bay

Otter playing in Monterey Bay

Image via Shutterstock

Visit San Diego’s Monterey Bay, the inspiration behind Pixar’s smash hit Finding Dory. Home to fluffy sea otters, friendly seals, playful sea lions, and even humpback whales from time to time. Head to the beach for a family-friendly swimming spot, boasting an abundance of interesting fish, warm temperatures and calm waters.

Take a dip in the limestone caves at Valladolid

Cenote Samula in Valladolid, Mexico

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Enjoy a chance to cool off like no other in the cenotes (naturally-occurring limestone caverns) of the famous Yucatan Peninsula. These spacious chambers have shimmering turquoise waters and offer a great place to swim and snorkel. Their fascinating stalactites interspersed with rays of sunlight will not easily be forgotten.

Uncover an underwater paradise in the Red Sea

Coral reef in the Red Sea

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In the South of Jordan, the mild and relatively shallow waters of the Red Sea support a series of untouched coral reefs, practically unsurpassed outside Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. They make for some of the best snorkelling you can find – the kids can grab a mask and some flippers and do their best mermaid impression.


Search for sea turtles in the Galapagos

Sea turtle swimming

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Not only are the Galapagos Islands some of the most beautiful and diverse animal habitats on the planet, with their volcanic beaches and lush rainforests, but the waters around them are just as intriguing. Imagine wild open ocean, tropical mangroves and unique species – the safari opportunities here continue well into the waves.

Swim with wild dolphins in the Azores

Dolphins diving in the Azores

Image via Shutterstock

Although the prospect of getting in the water with wild sea creatures may seem a little daunting at first. Remember dolphins are one of the most intelligent and tuned-in mammals in the world. Atlantic, bottlenose, spotted and Risso’s all frolic in the Azores and some days you’ll catch a glimpse of all five species.

Not a family of water lovers? We have a whole host of other holidays you can enjoy together. 

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