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Beautiful landscapes? Check. Cultural experiences? Check. Tastebud-tingling food? Check. Our Japan tours have it all.

There’s a certain allure to Japan – a place where eastern tradition and western modernity collide among otherworldly scenery that’ll take your breath away and refuse to give it back. Add mouthwatering cuisine, a fascinating history, and a multifaceted culture into the mix and it's easy to understand how Japan continues to captivate travelers. From enjoying a sake tasting at a local brewery and soaking in a steaming hot onsen to marveling at World Heritage-listed temples thousands of years old, our tours in Japan promise the ultimate adventure: one you’ll continue to think about long after you return home. 

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Essential Japan

Euan · Traveled August 2023
Had an amazing trip to Japan. I had never been before and this tour was perfect to experience it for the first time with a bunch of great people and guide, highly recommend it to anyone who likes walking.
Review submitted 07 Sep 2023

Essential Japan

Ruby · Traveled August 2023
Hectic Fun! I adored this trip you do so much in such a short period but I was able to see so much of Japan while knowing I wanted to come back for more, our group leader Susumu was incredible as he made the trip so easy to complete, organising awesome group activities and recommending amazing restaurants and additional activities during our free time, I would definitely recommend this tour as an introduction to the amazing country that it Japan.
Review submitted 07 Sep 2023

Essential Japan

Stephanie · Traveled August 2023
This trip was excellent from start to finish. The itinerary is perfect. Our guide, Susumu, was incredible. The accommodation far exceeded expectations. Don’t hesitate! Book it!
Review submitted 06 Sep 2023

Classic Japan

Katherine · Traveled August 2023
Japan was a wonderful place to visit. The tour allowed us to see a mix of city life, such as in Kyoto and Tokyo, as well as the calm of the temples in Koyasan. We were also lucky enough to have two amazing tour guides. Highly recommend.
Review submitted 07 Sep 2023

Classic Japan

Georgina · Traveled August 2023
This whole tour was amazing from start to finish. Our tour guides went above and beyond any expectations and made sure to cater around our own personal interests, searching for and booking us extra activities based on them for our free time.
Review submitted 07 Sep 2023

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    Tokyo (population approximately 37 million)


    Approximately 123.1 million






    (GMT+09:00) Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo




    Type A (North American/Japanese 2-pin) Type B (American 3-pin)

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We're here to do good for people and the planet by creating positive change through the joy of travel.