What to drink in Japan

From a cold beer on a sweaty summer day in Tokyo to a steaming glass of woody sake to warm your hands during the Hokkaido winter, Japan has a wealth of beverage options to keep you toasting day and night. Raise a glass and say kanpai (cheers) on your next holiday to Japan!


Consumed for centuries, this fermented rice wine is usually served in small cups and is drunk at restaurants and bars as well as during ceremonial rituals and on special occasions. Traditionally served hot, sake today can be served hot or chilled, though the nicer stuff tends to be served cold. Sake has quite a high alcohol content, so keep that in mind when you're knocking them back. 

Green tea 

Cleansing, refreshing and packed with antioxidants, green tea is simply known as ‘tea’ or ‘ocha’ in Japan. A traditional Japanese tea ceremony is an experience not to be missed and a great way to try a few varieties of green tea.

Craft beer

Sure, an Asahi Super Dry hits the spot on a hot day. But the craft beer scene in Japan has exploded over the last decade and the best local brews are the ones you can't find outside the country. Tokyo and Osaka have plenty of craft beer bars serving small batch local brews.   


Like Japan’s craft beer scene, the whisky industry experienced something of a resurgence recently. Whisky distillers like Nikki and Yamazaki produce single malts and blends that rival those from the Scottish highlands.

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