There’s something special about Intrepid travelers. You travel differently; you travel with purpose; you seek to leave a positive impact and give back to the people and places you visit.

In 2002, we recognized this passion for giving back; we noticed our travelers asking what more they could do to help and seeking to make an impact even when they returned home.

This sparked the creation of The Intrepid Foundation so that together we could make a greater change.

What makes us different?

With our local knowledge and Intrepid teams on the ground, we support our carefully vetted partners to make a positive impact and create solutions on important issues. This ensures that your donations aren’t just about giving back but giving responsibly – impactfully – where it's really needed.

Plus, we cover all administration costs so that you can rest easy knowing 100% of your donations are helping make change.  

Over the past 20 years, The Intrepid Foundation has contributed over $12 million AUD to more than 130 community partners. In 2021 alone, we raised over $500,000 and helped over 31,000 people; providing access to COVID vaccines, education and employment opportunities and emergency relief.

What’s next?

We’re glad you asked. We have ambitious goals that, with your help, we’re confident we can achieve. We want to create more positive impact than ever before. We’re taking on more partners, across more issues, in more destinations, allowing more people to make a difference by giving back. We’re taking a more strategic approach to problem-solving, gaining clarity on global issues and doing our part to address them.

How you can get involved 

We’ve made it simple to give back and make a difference. Our Intrepid community can show support by making donations, creating fundraisers, attending events and supporting emergency appeals.

To learn more about The Intrepid Foundation and how you can help:

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