If you’ve got an idea of which style of trip will suit you best, take a look at our different trip themes below, as there’s something to suit everyone. Whether you’re chasing a global food-focused dream or wanting to ride your bike across the Rockies, Intrepid has a themed adventure that's perfect for you.

18 to 35s

Under 35 and looking to travel with a group your own age? We’ve created a range of trips exclusively for the next generation of socially conscious explorers. Ditch the big tour buses for authentic experiences in new places and cultures, connecting with your own small crew and making a difference in local communities along the way.

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Kayaking on Mae Taeng River


For some of us it’s just not a holiday without some trekking, snorkelling or kayaking in the mix. Our Multi-Active range cranks the octane levels up a notch with a wide range of outdoor thrills in some of the world’s most beautiful places. Think mountain biking in Madagascar, canyoning in Costa Rica or whitewater rafting in the Amazon.

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Adventure Cruising with Intrepid.

Adventure Cruising

Ditch the conga lines and cabaret of traditional big ship cruises for a more immersive cruising experience. Our range of small-ship adventure cruises are all about the destination – exploring local villages and markets, diving into the history of each destination, and stopping in at smaller ports that commercial liners just can’t reach. 

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Two women travellers sitting out the front of a permanent tented camp in Australia's Red Centre


Ditch the packed footpaths for dusty roads and head out on your next big adventure: a camping trip in the great outdoors. Whether you’re excited to help set up camp or want to enjoy the creature comforts of premium accommodation in remote locations, our camping tours are for everyone from the first-timers to the tent enthusiasts (and everyone in between). 

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Whether you’re a Tour de France fanatic or just enjoy the wind in your face on two wheels, a cycling adventure can take you up the cols of the Alps or across the roof of the world in Tibet. You don’t have to be a Bradley or a Cadel – whatever your level of fitness and experience, we’ve got le tour for you. 

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Expedition with Berber Nomads in Morocco


Our exclusive range of very special adventures: our expedition trips. They are limited departures that tackle the unexplored regions of the world untouched by tourism – everywhere from Burma’s Ice Mountains to the salt lakes of Djibouti.

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Vietnam family adventure


There’s more to a family adventure than theme parks and resort kid’s clubs. Our carefully crafted itineraries allow you to create a memorable adventure together with your children. Experience authentic local culture with an English-speaking leader who will share their knowledge and passion for their country with you.

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Rio Carnavale in Brazil


For us, festivals are the smell of incense, the fizz of fireworks and the squelch of a fresh tomato. They arrive with the thunder of bespeckled dancers and wind down like a Munich beer hall hangover. They’re the lantern-lit, confetti-filled, mud-slinging reminder that life is there to be enjoyed to the max, and that there’s no such thing as too much fun in the name of pomp and ceremony.

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Turkish local meal


Food Adventures are about discovering new flavours while exploring the world. With a focus on street fare, local specialities, home cooking and urban food culture, these trips offer the authentic local experience that Intrepid is famous for, with an emphasis on cuisine.

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A female dancing to a mariachi band in Mexico


Needing some inspiration for your next trip? There's never been a better time to get out there and experience the world. Let us help you discover your next trip. 

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A group of travellers looking out over Ouirgane

Long trips

Spend anywhere from three to nine weeks circumnavigating continents, crossing borders and ticking off bucket list sites when you’re on a long tour. We think more time means more experiences - so that’s more phrases learned, people met, food tasted, pictures taken and so much more.

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Kayak in Antarctica


Cast adrift to the extremes of the earth and discover great white landscapes full of icy inlets and frozen coves. Experience the rush of setting foot on some of the world's most remote terrain, witness brilliant natural phenomena and come to terms with the sheer size and scale of our planet's polar regions. 

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Sailing around Cuba


There’s nothing more relaxing than exploring a destination via its waterways. No traffic jams, no delays – just endless horizons and golden sunsets. And with a range of sailing trips in Thailand, Burma, the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Galapagos islands as well as Polar cruises, there's bound to be a water-based adventure that suits you.

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Two older women enjoying a cruise on Siglufjordur in Iceland


You might be considered a senior, but you’re still Intrepid in our eyes. Our small group tours aren’t defined by age or ability; they’re designed for people from all walks of life who share a passion for travel. So, say goodbye to stuffy coaches and hello to leader-led, culturally rich experiences that’ll take you off the road and behind the scenes of your favourite destinations. 

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Halong Bay Short Break Vietnam

Short Breaks

Whether you’re short of time and looking for a mini-break with a difference, or want to unwind on a beach after a big backpacking adventure, these 2-5 day itineraries offer the same local, authentic experiences as our longer trips, but in a shorter amount of time.

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A group of travellers in their kayaks on Lake Powell in Utah, USA

Solo travel

Just because you don't have someone to travel with doesn't mean you have to sit at home dreaming of faraway destinations and epic adventures. Become a part of the Intrepid family by embarking on one of our leader-led group tours - visiting some amazing places, giving back to local communities, and making lifelong friends as you go. 

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Travellers eating streetfood in Mexico


Want to see the world on your terms? Then build your adventure, your way – create your own exclusive Intrepid trip, step-by-step with us. We plan, you relax. We design, you do.

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Day tours with a difference

Urban Adventures

So you’ve just arrived in a new city. You step outside your hotel, take a deep breath and…then what? Wouldn’t it be great to have a friendly local to show you all their favourite spots – the little bars, hipster cafes and cool underground galleries that tourists never find? Enter Urban Adventures.

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Trek in Patagonia, Argentina

Walking & Trekking

Explore on foot and make the most of the outdoors on one of our group tours or on a self-guided itinerary. All accommodation is pre-booked and your luggage will be transferred from point to point. They combine the best bits of hiking without any of the hassles.

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Lion in Africa


Witness some of the world’s most epic wildlife experiences: the migrations across the Serengeti, the gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda, or the penguins on Antarctica’s drifting floes. If you’ve got a bit of Attenborough going on, then why not travel with the industry leaders in global tourism sustainability.

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