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Here’s the idea: we provide you with expert trail guides, accommodation, and porters (where necessary); you bring your legs and a sense of adventure. From the frosted peak of Kilimanjaro and Patagonia’s windswept trails to a more sedate stroll through the rice fields of Vietnam or the rugged red hills on the Larapinta Trail, there’s a calf-stretching trip to suit every level of fitness and expertise. All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other.

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Trekking in the Annapurna mountains of Nepal

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Group on walking tour in desert in Jordan

Our walking trips will take you on defined tracks and over smooth surfaces – think the grasslands of northern Thailand, rice paddies in Mai Chau, and New Zealand's idyllic Queen Charlotte Track. There’s no need for fitness preparation or specialized equipment; just you, your comfortable walking shoes, and a healthy sense of adventure. And we promise there’s not a base camp in sight. 

Hikers in Nepal at Poon Hill

Make your way up magnificent mountains, through concentrated bushland, and across rugged, countryside trails on our range of leader-led hiking trips. Harder and longer than a walk but less physically demanding than a trek, hikes are the perfect in-between for those who still want to thoroughly explore the great outdoors without all the fuss of proper equipment. 

Trekkers on the Inca Trail in Peru on the way to Machu Picchu

Treks are often in remote destinations where the trails are barely visible, and the terrain makes it harder to traverse without specialized equipment. These treks range from tackling Kilimanjaro to testing your limits at Everest Base Camp and generally feature high altitudes and overnight stops with basic accommodation. Yep, say goodbye to showers and hello to unforgettable memories.

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A group of hikers ready to start the trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal
Make the heroic climb to Nepal’s Everest Base Camp

Some destinations are simply more life-changing than others and Everest Base Camp might just be the most profound of them all. Boasting the world’s highest peak and the number one spot on every bucket list, this larger-than-life mountain range will have you challenging yourself in every way. But for the unbelievable views you’ll come across and the Himalayan culture you’ll be treated to, the trek to its base is worth it every time. 

A traveller looking at a tree surrounded by grassy plains along the Camindo de Santiago.
Take in the epic vistas along the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago isn’t just an ancient pilgrimage route - it’s the spiritual journey of a lifetime. Whether you want to do a bit of soul searching, soak up centuries of history, swap stories with people from all over the world, or stare in awe at the picturesque panoramas along the way, this enriching trek will change you in the best way possible. And absolutely nothing beats the feeling of reaching Santiago de Compostela. 

Travellers standing high looking out over the valley and mountains of Denali National Park in Alaska
Explore the Alaskan wilderness in Denali National Park

Step out of the city and into the wild in Alaska’s Denali National Park. Showing you just how talented Mother Nature really is, this national park will not only take your breath away but also refill your lungs with some of the freshest mountain air in the United States for the ultimate cleansing experience. Walk beneath snowcapped peaks, wander through rolling polar deserts, marvel at ancient glaciers, and watch as the northern lights illuminate the night sky. 

Two travellers walking toward the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Dolomites on a clear day
Uncover the spectacular scenery of the Dolomites in Italy

From small walks to larger hikes, and from easy routes to challenging treks, the Dolomites offer a little something for everyone. Promising to be an outdoor adventurist's dream, this jaw-dropping Italian mountain range is picture-perfect in every way from its enchantingly rugged scenery to the distinctive colors that play over the rocky peaks as the sun rises and falls. Easy to revel in the natural beauty all around you, this trip is one you don’t want to miss. 

Traveller looking out over the scenery at Annapurna Basecamp with prayer flags are in the foregrou
Trek your way through the Annapurna Range in Nepal

Impressive? Check. Challenging? Check? Unforgettable? Check – the Annapurna Range in Nepal ticks all the boxes. Remarkably different from the neighboring Everest region, this trek boasts the best of monolithic mountain scenery and Himalayan culture for views and experiences that will quickly fill up your camera roll. From forests full of flame-red rhododendrons to fiery sunsets against Machhapuchhare Mountain, your memories of Annapurna will last you a lifetime.

Traveller walking on the Cradle Mountain Overland Track on a sunny, blue day in Tasmania
Discover Cradle Mountain’s beauty one step at a time

Tasmania’s not short on spectacular scenery but the Cradle Mountain region in the state’s northwest is natural beauty at its absolute best. Set out on one of Australia’s most famous treks – the Cradle Mountain Overland Track – and make your way through groves of eucalyptus trees, lush rainforests, across alpine moors, and along brilliantly colored lakes that won’t hesitate to take your breath away. 

Lone traveller walking along Hadrian's Wall with rolling green hills on either side
Embark on a historic journey along Hadrian’s Wall

Whether you’re a history buff wanting to retrace the footsteps of Roman soldiers from 2,000 years ago or an outdoor enthusiast itching to explore the breathtaking Northumbrian countryside, a walking adventure along Hadrian’s Wall promises to speed up your heart rate and set your mind racing. Embrace the past with every step as you make the journey to historic ruins saturated in ancient stories and secrets. 


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Amalfi Coast: Hike & Kayak

Rachael · Traveled June 2024
This trip exceeded my expectations and made it possible to experience the Italian culture and countryside in a unique way that would be hard to replicate alone. It feels safe. The accommodation was excellent. The tour host makes the trip an enjoyable and unique experience. Worth every penny.
Review submitted 09 Jun 2024

Amalfi Coast: Hike & Kayak

Jennifer · Traveled June 2024
This was my 4th tour with Intrepid and exceeded my high expectations. The daily hikes were challenging but that made the views and the meals after even more gratifying. Our guide, Graziano, was kind, thoughtful, patient, and personable. I loved seeing the Amalfi coast one stair at a time!
Review submitted 09 Jun 2024

Walk the Camino de Santiago

Melissa · Traveled June 2024
A fabulous week! Great small group, incredible leader. I loved the Camiño walk. Long distances to walk, but lots of breaks and a good pace. Accommodation was excellent and Cris was the best ever tour leader. Highly recommend walking the Camino with Intrepid.
Review submitted 09 Jun 2024

Walk the Camino de Santiago

John · Traveled June 2024
I had an incredible time on the Camino de Santiago with Intrepid. Our leader was a joy and I’ll always remember the beautiful week we had.
Review submitted 08 Jun 2024

Walk the Camino de Santiago

Peta · Traveled June 2024
I am so happy with every aspect of our Camino tour. It was cultural, informative and always fun. Our Tour Leader, Christina Leguina, ensured we had an unbeatable experience. I highly recommend this tour with Christina.
Review submitted 08 Jun 2024

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