How can I travel from Brisbane to Noosa?

At first thought, it might seem daunting to make your way from one destination to another during your holiday but it's actually pretty easy to travel around Queensland as it has excellent infrastructure and public transportation systems in place. This means that a route like Brisbane to Noosa is relatively easy and straightforward, with several options available from driving to catching public transport. 

Driving from Brisbane to Noosa 

If you've caught a flight into Brisbane Airport (BNE) with plans to drive to Noosa, you can easily hire a car from one of six car rental companies, including Avis, Hertz, Thrifty, and Budget. All six companies are in the domestic terminal near the baggage carousels for ultimate convenience. The cost of renting a car largely depends on how long you need the car and what kind of car you're after, but you can generally expect the cost to start at AUD$40 per day. 

The drive between Brisbane and Noosa takes about 2 hours and is very easy to navigate, with high-quality freeways and easy-to-read directions. Be aware that traffic might be heavy during peak times such as 7am-9am or 4pm-6pm but it should be light during the rest of the day/evening. You should also be extra vigilant while driving, especially at night, as finding animals on the road can be quite common.

Flying from Brisbane to Noosa 

While there isn't an airport located directly in Noosa, the Sunshine Coast Airport in Maroochydore (MCY) is nearby and receives several flights from Brisbane daily. The flights are only 30 minutes long and the connecting drive from the airport to Noosa is 40 minutes, making it quicker than driving from Brisbane to Noosa or catching public transport. There are also several car rental companies to choose from at the Sunshine Coast Airport, such as Aussie Bargain Car Rentals, Avis, and Redspot, with rates similar to those at Brisbane Airport.  

You can expect a flight from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to cost around AUD$150, but that price can go up if you book flights at the last minute, travel during peak season, or stopover in another city.

Catching public transport from Brisbane to Noosa

If you want to travel from Brisbane to Noosa via public transport, then you can either catch a train or a bus with both options taking you right into the heart of the iconic tropical destination. There is only one direct Brisbane to Noosa bus (departing from Brisbane station) per day with the journey taking just over 2 hours and arriving at Noosa Junction. The cost for a bus ticket can vary but you can expect to pay around AUD$20-$40 for a one-way fare and is operated by Greyhound Australia. 

While the state of Queensland has an impressive train network, there aren't any direct train routes from Brisbane to Noosa. Instead, you can travel from Brisbane to Nambour station and connect with a bus service that will take you from Nambour station to Noosa Junction. This is one of the cheapest ways to travel with tickets for the whole trip costing around AUD$10-$20. 

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