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Craggy mountain backdrops, time-weathered monasteries, stunning lake panoramas and a hearty national cuisine – mix it up in North Macedonia.

History buffs can get lost in hundreds of Byzantine buildings and Roman ruins, foodies can gorge on tasty mezze, cheeses, stews and meats (and wash it down with potent rakija), and wannabe wine critics can swish and swirl their way through North Macedonia’s finest drops. Then there’s the great outdoors. Endless green pastures, rugged peaks and glacier lakes at every turn, perfect for thrill-seekers at every level. Discover this often-overlooked Balkan gem for yourself.

North Macedonia (Macedonia) tour reviews

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The Balkans Real Food Adventure

Saskia · Traveled September 2022
A fun-filled trip with lots of amazing local food and drink experiences, beautiful old towns and great scenery. I particularly enjoyed being invited into people's homes and small businesses; people welcomed us like guests and I never felt I was just another tourist. We got to taste the local specialities in each place, and were treated to local or home-made rakija and wine everywhere. Some of my favorite experiences were going to an olive farm, going to an apiary and then the beekeeper's house for lunch, joining a celebration in a small village in Macedonia, and wine tasting at two micro-wineries.
Review submitted 26 Oct 2022

The Balkans Real Food Adventure

Caroline · Traveled September 2019
Fantastic guide Alek gave us a great trip. We visited small places for demonstrations and meals. A great emphasis on supporting small villages. Had lots of delicious food and wine and some wonderful experiences.
Review submitted 11 Oct 2019

The Balkans Real Food Adventure

Hilary · Traveled September 2019
This is a must-see region, rich with history! The food was delicious and bountiful, and the hospitality of our guide and hosts was beyond our expectations!
Review submitted 20 Oct 2019

The Balkans Real Food Adventure

Elizabeth · Traveled July 2019
A fun beginner's guide to the Balkans with a like-minded group of a wide range of ages. The food part of the tour is focused a lot on North Macedonia, but the stops in Montenegro and Kosovo are interesting. Definitely stay a few days in Dubrovnik before the tour starts, as you don't visit the Old Town with the group. Not recommended for gluten free travellers as wheat products are a big part of the food culture in this area, and there's no GF borek yet!
Review submitted 25 Aug 2019

The Balkans Real Food Adventure

Catriona · Traveled July 2019
I knew so little about the Balkan region before embarking upon this Intrepid adventure. A small group of like minded travellers made for great company. I'll be sorting my photographs for months. Macedonian wine and pastry is the best!
Review submitted 28 Aug 2019

North Macedonia (Macedonia) at a glance




    2 million


    Macedonian Denar (MKD)




    (GMT+01:00) Sarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw, Zagreb




    Type C (European 2-pin) Type F (German 2-pin, side clip earth)

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