The increase in global average temperatures since pre-industrial times is already damaging the planet’s ecosystems in ways that are harmful to biodiversity and dangerous to people. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued a stark warning on the consequences of global temperature increases of more than 1.5°C. Climate change is boosting extreme weather events, with severe heatwaves, wildfires and flooding making the transition to a more sustainable future integral to the survival of every business.

We take our responsibility to help preserve the world’s natural and cultural assets very seriously and we recognise we produce negative impacts on the planet. That’s why we developed our Carbon Management Program.

As part of our Carbon Management Program, we offset the carbon emissions from our global business offices and the emission created on our trips. Through these offsets, significant monetary contributions are made on behalf of our business, suppliers, staff and travellers to internationally certified carbon abatement projects.

We offset our carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits associated with six key international projects. They include Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard Certified projects, which generate additional economic, social and environmental benefits, including habitat and biodiversity protection.

Our current carbon reduction projects

An aerial show of Arnhem Land.

Fighting Fire With Fire, Arnhem Land, Australia

Savanna burning projects, like this one, reduce GHG emissions by undertaking cool, lower intensity fires in the early dry season when the vegetation still contains some moisture from the wet season.

A baby Orangutan swings in the trees in Borneo.

Rainforest Rehab, Malaysian Borneo

This project works to replant trees and avoid deforestation of the natural jungle and prevent palm oil plantations being planted. This all contributes to helping sustain the local wildlife.

An Indian farmer working in a rice field.

Winds of Change, Tamil Nadu, India

This project runs 84 wind turbines that have been installed on areas of land sold to the project by a collective of farmers.

The East African landscape in Kenya.

Landscape Livelihoods, Malawi, East Africa

This project empowers over 220,000 local villages to reduce deforestation and protect 170,000 hectares of forest in East Africa, by building more sustainable sources of income.

A large tree in the Peruvian Amazon.

Lungs of the Planet, Madre De Dios, Peru

This project conserves the forest area and prevents illegal logging in Madre De Dios, Peru. It also supports the long-term wellbeing of rural communities dependent on subsistence.

Windmill Island in Canakkale Turkey

Winds of Change, Turkey

This project consists of 20 wind power turbines installed in the country, which generate about 109.9 GWh of annual electricity for the local electricity market. It has the added benefit of creating more than 60 local jobs in the community too.

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