Southeast Asia’s glittering waters and tropical landscapes are no secret, but this captivating corner of the world offers so much more than just beaches and jungle.

Forest-clad mountains, traditional villages, bustling cities and spread out archipelagos contain an unbelievably diverse array of cultures, religions and mouth-watering food. Carved up by coral-filled waterways containing some of the best dive and snorkelling spots in the world, Southeast Asia is arguably best explored by boat. Drop anchor off palm-lined coasts to feast on Penang’s legendary street food, explore historic port towns such as Hoi An, paddle past towering limestone cliffs or simply relax on a secluded Indonesian beach. Whatever adventure you’re after, Southeast Asia has it all.

Adventure Cruises in Asia

8 Days From $2,128

Join a small-ship cruise to the beautiful small islands off Southern Thailand’s west...

8 Days From $2,335

Experience historic Hue, vibrant Hanoi and the limestone beauty of Halong Bay and Phong...

8 Days From $2,114

Travel Malaysia and Thailand’s stunning west coast on a small-ship Peregrine adventure...

15 Days From $4,795

Experience the beautiful coast of Vietnam on a small-ship adventure cruise to Nha Trang...

8 Days From $2,114

Uncover Malaysia and Thailand’s spectacular west coast on a small-ship Intrepid...

8 Days From $2,500

Travel the south coast of Vietnam on a Intrepid small-ship adventure cruise, visiting...

8 Days From $2,335

Embark on a small-ship coastal cruise in Vietnam, visiting iconic Halong Bay, the cave...

8 Days From $2,500

Cruise Vietnam’s south coast on a small-ship Intrepid adventure, visiting Hoi An, Nha...

8 Days From $2,570

Join Intrepid on a small-ship adventure cruise in Indonesia, visiting the perfect...

15 Days From $4,795

Travel to Vietnam and embark on a small-ship adventure cruise to Nha Trang, Ha Long Bay...

15 Days From $6,000

Travel Malaysia and Thailand’s stunning west coast on a small-ship Peregrine adventure...

15 Days From $6,000

Travel Malaysia and Thailand’s stunning west coast on a small-ship Peregrine adventure...

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Highlights of Asia

Coral and beautiful fish species in Surin islands

Swim and snorkel in the Andaman Sea

The Andaman Sea contains not only some of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, but extraordinary coral reefs and marine life. Warm, clear and shallow – it’s easy to spot parrotfish, clownfish, turtles and sometimes even whale sharks not far off the coast. Snorkelling and diving is particularly spectacular around the Similan and Surin Islands.

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Explore Langkawi’s waterfalls and beaches

Malaysia’s island paradise, Langkawai, is in fact an archipelago of 99 islands (though locals joke they find new ones every day). Its turquoise waters and palm-fringed beaches are the stuff of dreams. But what makes Langkawi’s main island so special is its jungle-covered interior where mangrove forests, lagoons, unusual wildlife and the most incredible waterfalls can all be found.

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Discover Penang’s street food-filled old town

Penang’s old town wears its multicultural heritage on its sleeve. Atmospheric streets are lined with colonial buildings, Chinese shophouses, mosques and temples. Though less famous than that of Bangkok, Penang’s street food is just about as good as it gets. Vendors serve a mouth-watering variety of multi-ethnic dishes like rich assam laksa and fiery char kuey teow.

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Ha Long Bay and view from sea side in Vietnam

Cruise Vietnam’s iconic Halong Bay

While Vietnam is a treasure trove of incredible karst landscapes, its most famous limestone wonderland is Halong Bay, where thousands of towering limestone pillars, caves and tree-covered islets dot the water. Whether you choose to take in the views by boat, or explore harder-to-access caves and coves by kayak, just make sure you have your camera.

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The lime stone cave of Phong Ke Bang in Vietnam

Explore Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park’s hidden treasures

This sprawling national park is one of Vietnam’s most incredible and underrated natural wonders. Boasting 400 million-year-old limestone karst mountains, unspoiled jungle, underground rivers and hundreds of cave systems – more which are being uncovered each year – it’s a place to visit before the word gets out.

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Comodo Dragon in Rinca island of Malaysia

See Komodo dragons in Indonesia

There are only a handful of places in the world where Komodo dragons can be spotted in the wild, and all those places happen to be in Indonesia. While most head to Komodo Island for a chance to spot the world’s largest lizard, dragon-spotting is less staged and more natural on Rinca Island.

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Why choose Intrepid

Small ships, small ports

Bigger is not always better, just ask the mega liners who crowd out the big ports. Instead, we user smaller vessels that allow us to dock in out-of-the-way ports and drop anchor wherever we feel like a dip. Smaller ships also mean we can anchor right in the centre of town, giving you more time to explore.

A personal touch

Being a face in a crowd isn’t much fun, that’s why we limit our cruises to up to 50 like-minded travellers. Our boats have a maximum of 25 rooms, which means there’s a small group atmosphere and our crew can deliver a more personal level of service. By the end of the trip, they’ll know how to make your coffee just the way you like it.

Local flavours

Each cruise’s on-board menu is tailored to reflect the flavours of the destination you’re in. All our trips come with either half or full board and, once we disembark, our local leaders are always on hand to show you the best local hot spots.

Activities onboard

Who needs an onboard swimming pool when there’s the glittering Andaman or Aegean Sea? All our ships have either a platform or a ladder for swimming, getting you in and out of the water with ease. We also include snorkel and fishing equipment, kayaks and stand-up paddleboards on certain departures.

Home away from home

Our cabins are roomy and comfortable, with usually a twin or double configuration available. Better still, every room comes with an ensuite. There’s air-conditioning to keep you cool, a window to enjoy the views, laundry service onboard and turndown twice a day. Consider it a four-star hotel with all the perks, right on the water.

A lighter footprint

We’re changing the future of travel by carbon offsetting all our cruises using renewable energy initiatives. Choosing to travel on smaller ships also means we generate less waste, leave a smaller environmental footprint and reduce the problem of over-tourism by visiting smaller ports.

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