Help maintain the health of our planet one bite at a time on your next Real Food Adventure.

We know that plant-based foods are one of the biggest opportunities to limit climate change (according to the IPCC), so we've included at least one plant-based meal in every Intrepid Real Food Adventure. While we don't offer tours that are completely vegan or plant-based, taking this small but delicious step is an easy way for you to help maintain the health of our planet while you're out exploring.

Plant-based foods generally have a much lower carbon footprint than animal-based foods and showcase regional produce at its best. Enjoying a tasty plant-based meal that highlights local fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds is just one way you can make your travel greener.

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Our vegan & plant-based meal highlights

South Korea monastery people praying

South Korea

Immerse yourself in monastic life during a temple stay in Gyeongju, including a plant-based dinner with chanting meditation and, if you’d like, a martial arts class on a Real Food Adventure in Korea.

Plant based meal in Israel

Israel & the Palestinian Territories

In Nazareth, visit a restaurant that has been owned by the same family for over 40 years. Try their hummus with falafel, pita, pickles and cabbage salad on a Real Food Adventure in Israel & the Palestinian Territories.

Traditional Macedonian dish

The Balkans

Get hands on with local village women in Janche, North Macedonia, for a cooking class focused on making local flaky porcini mushroom pastries on a Real Food Adventure in The Balkans.

Plant based meal in Morocco


Take a walk in the countryside of the M'Goun Valley, where your leader will point out local crops of tomatoes, apples, walnuts and figs. On a Real Food Adventure in Morocco, these will be showcased in a plant-based dinner of soups, tagines and couscous.

Enjoy plant based meals in India

Jaipur, India

Be welcomed into a local home in Jaipur and learn how to make ker sangri, a Rajashtani vegetable dish. Tuck into this and other plant-based dishes in a peaceful garden on a Real Food Adventure in India.

Plant based meal in Mexico


Dine on a plant-based spread at a local restaurant concentrating on dishes from the Isthmus region of Oaxaca – gorditas, tamales with huitlacoche, tlayudas and local fruits – on a Real Food Adventure in Mexico.

Travellers enjoying vegan street food in India

Dehli, India

Feast on vegan delights as you wander the streets of Dehli - think samosas and paratha (Indian flatbread) - or sample some delicious offerings at the local Langar (community kitchen). 

A paper plate full of delicious organic vegan food


Head to the Tuscan hills in search of a delicious organic farm-to-table vegan feast your tastebuds are sure to thank you for and stay at a charming villa in the countryside. 

Why choose Intrepid

Local expertise

We've teamed up with our expert local leaders to find the best plant-based meals in each destination. Whether it’s tracking down the most delicious hummus in Israel or the tastiest tamales in Mexico, they know just the place to find your next foodie hit.

Real life experiences

We love the highlights, but for us the real magic is found off the beaten path. We’re talking authentic cooking classes with local chefs, shopping at markets and other hidden gems you’ll only discover with Intrepid.

Small groups

Big coach buses and flag-toting tour guides just aren’t for us. With a maximum group size of 12, our groups are able to travel under the radar and visit spots many big tour groups can’t. It also means we can accommodate dietary requirements, and offer plant-based meals in the first place.

Responsible travel

You don’t have to eat vegan or vegetarian food at home to enjoy the plant-based meals on our Real Food Adventures. As long as you enjoy eating delicious, authentic food when you travel, you should relish every flavor-packed bite. On these trips you’ll be traveling responsibly: eating, sleeping and getting around locally and respecting animal welfare. We’ll also carbon offset your trip on your behalf.


A plant-based diet refers to a diet that's solely based on eating plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains while avoiding processed/pre-packaged foods and oils. Whereas a vegan diet means avoiding all animal-based products such as meats and dairy products, as well as leather products and other animal-made items. 

A plant-based meal is entirely made from plant sources – fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, seeds, nuts, legumes, beans and oils.

You’ll be with a local leader for the entire duration of your Real Food Adventure. So even when you’re enjoying your free time or a plant-based meal is not included, they’ll be able to provide you with suggestions and advise you on where to find more delicious plant-based meals.

Animal product-free options will be available for all included meals and we will make efforts to accommodate other dietary requirements. When it comes to everyone's personal definition of veganism (e.g. only eating plant-based, not eating honey), we will do our best to accommodate these requirements as well.

You might be visiting countries where veganism may be new to the local people, and efforts to prevent cross-contamination may not be as diligent as in your home country. We make best efforts to ensure that meals are prepared in an environment free from cross-contamination, and your local leader will be there to translate when needed.

You’ll be with a local leader for the entire duration of your trip. So even when you’re enjoying your free time or a meal is not included, they’ll be able to provide you with suggestions and advise you on what to know.

We understand it’s important to have the expertise of someone who not only knows the destination but also what it means to eat a vegan or plant-based diet. That’s why we aim to provide you with a local leader who is vegan or plant-based – or at least a practicing vegetarian – who really gets and appreciates the nuances of these diets. Regardless, your local leader will be eating vegan or plant-based along with you during the trip.

Of course! Anyone who has an interest in local vegan or plant-based cuisine is welcome on our Real Food Adventures. 

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