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The Czech Republic is an exquisite reflection of Europe’s cultural and architectural diversity. With over 2000 castles, keeps and ruins, it boasts one of the highest densities of architectural history in the world – so much so, Hollywood regularly rolls into town when it needs to shoot ‘Ye Olde Europe’. There's no better place to step back in time than on the cobbled streets of Prague’s Old Town, where the scent of chestnut and linden trees fills the air on a warm summer’s eve.

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6 Jul 2016 Best of Central Europe 15 $1792
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The Best of Central Europe tour combines popular sights with unique experiences while travelling through Austria,...
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Discover Central Europe from Germany to Italy. Travel from happening Berlin to ancient Prague, visit charismatic...
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Travel from Vienna to Dubrovnik and discover Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia...
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Travel through numerous European countries starting in Spain and France, through Benelux, Germany and Poland....

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Our Czech Republic trips score an average of 4.74 out of 5 based on 228 reviews in the last year.

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About Czech Republic

At a glance

Capital city: Prague (population 1.2 million )
Population: 10.2 million
Language: Czech
Currency: CZK
Time zone: (GMT+01:00) Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague
Electricity: Type C (European 2-pin) Type E (French 2-pin, female earth)
Dialing code: +420

Best time to visit Czech Republic

The Czech Republic enjoys a pleasant central European climate, which means the summers are hot and dry, and the winters are often a wonderland of snow-covered cobblestones. If you’re after the more balmy weather, then June through to August is perfect. Although, this is the high season for tourists, so expect to be darting between the crowds. The cooler spring months of April and May are usually sun-filled, and you’ll find the attractions less busy. For those who want to experience the quintessential ‘winter wonderland’, why not head over from December through to February - there’s even a strong chance of a white Christmas.

Czech republic weather chart

Geography and environment

Stream in the Carpathian Mountains
Geographically, the Czech Republic is nestled at the core of the central European scrum, landlocked between Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. Often referred to as an eastern European country due to its historical communist and Eastern Bloc influences, the Czech people however, are prompt to remind us that this is very much central Europe - and that Prague is in fact further west than Vienna!

The west of the Czech Republic is known as Bohemia, and is surrounded by low European mountains that stem from the Alps. The foothills lead into lush rolling plains and beautiful green countryside. In the east, Moravia is blessed with a variety of dramatic landscapes, with hilly countryside punctuated by the famous limestone cave system - the Moravský Kras.

Top Picks

Drinking beer in a park, Prague

Top 10 Beer Moments in the Czech Republic

1. Beer Spa

The Czech Republic is famous for both its spa towns (Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lasne) and its beers. Enjoy a combination of the two in the country’s first beer spa, where you can submerge yourself in a specially brewed bath full of your favourite brew.

2. Brewery Wars

Visit the epicentre of Czech beer in the town of Ceske Budejovice (Budweis in German). Decide for yourself which of the two breweries is master of the genre - Budvar or Burgerbrau. After a long legal stoush over the Budweiser name, the Czech makers have retained the right to call their beers 'Budweiser' and limited the American brand's naming rights in some European countries.

3. Brew with a View

With an incredible view of Prague’s Old Town, visit Letna Hill, Prague’s very own beer gardens, where cheap beer is sold from kiosks for you to enjoy from the comfort of a park bench.

4. Travelling Ales

Ride the tram pub. That’s right, the Czech Republic has its very own tram pub - the Prvni Pivni Tramway.

5. Festival Flavours

Head to one of the Czech Republic’s many beer festivals – pivni slavanosti. Held on almost every weekend of the year in various towns and cities, breweries will celebrate their particular tipple and provide some apt entertainment alongside the beer-swigging.

6. Tank Tipples

Discover the sweet taste of the world’s only unpasteurised variety of Pilsner. Sold in special ‘tank’ pubs, where kegs are replaced by high-volume brewing tanks, treat yourself to this Czech Republic speciality.

7. Savour Something Strong

Push your beer-drinking limits with the Czech Republic’s specialty strength beers. Try U Medviku’s X-33, where the alcohol level of 12.6% will have you pushing the limits of sobriety.

8. Gallery Gulps

Take a trip to Prague’s beer gallery where one can peruse the aisles that house over 200 different varieties.

9. Pass the Beer Glass

The Czech Republic is famous for its incredible glass and crystal, so why not head to the Novosad Glassworks in Harrachov, where the glass-blowers are lucky enough to have their own brewery on site.

10. Beds n' Beer

At the end of all this beer drinking, you’ll need a suitable place to rest your weary head. So why not camp down in one of the Czech Republic’s brewery hotels and finish off with a night-cap in front of the fire.

FAQs on Czech Republic

A tip of 5-10% is expected for good service in the restaurants and cafes of the Czech Republic, particularly in well-frequented tourist areas like Cesky Krumlov and Prague.
The Czech Republic's cities and tourist centres have internet access available in internet cafes and hotels. Less internet access is available in rural and remote areas, so prepare to disconnect when leaving the city.
Mobile phone coverage is generally very good in the Czech Republic. Ensure you have global roaming activated with your carrier if you wish to use your phone.
The Czech Republic's cities usually have flushable toilets. Carry your own supply of toilet paper and soap, as these aren't always provided, and be expected to pay a small fee when visiting public toilets.
A pint of beer = 25-50 CZK
Metro pass = 40 CZK
Street food snack = 40 CZK
Lunch at a café = 100-120 CZK
Dinner at a restaurant = 150- 300 CZK
Tap water is considered safe to drink in the Czech Republic. For environmental reasons, try to avoid bottled water. Ask your leader where filtered water can be found as some hotels provide this.
Major credit cards are usually accepted by large shops, hotels and restaurants, although smaller vendors and market stalls often only accept cash. Be sure to carry multiple methods of payment as credit cards aren't always an option everywhere in the Czech Republic.
ATMs are easily found in the large cities and airports, although are less common in rural and remote areas. When travelling out of the city, be prepared by having enough cash, as ATMs aren't always available.
Absolutely. All passengers travelling with Intrepid are required to purchase travel insurance before the start of your trip. Your travel insurance details will be recorded by your leader on the first day of the trip. Due to the varying nature, availability and cost of health care around the world, travel insurance is very much an essential and necessary part of every journey.

For more information on insurance, please go to: Travel Insurance
Jan 1 New Year's Day
Apr 1 Easter Monday
May 1 May Day
May 8 Liberation Day
Jul 5 Day of the Apostles St Cyril and Methodius
Jul 6 Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Jan Hus
Sep 28 Czech Statehood Day
Oct 28 Independence Day
Nov 17 Freedom and Democracy Day
Dec 25 Christmas Day

Please note these dates are for 2013. For a current list of public holidays go to:

Health and Safety

Intrepid takes the health and safety of its travellers seriously, and takes every measure to ensure that trips are safe, fun and enjoyable for everyone. We recommend that all travellers check with their government or national travel advisory organisation for the latest information before departure:

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The World Health Organisation

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Responsible Travel

Czech Republic Travel Tips

Intrepid is committed to travelling in a way that is respectful of local people, their culture, local economies and the environment. It's important to remember that what may be acceptable behaviour, dress and language in your own country, may not be appropriate in another. Please keep this in mind while travelling.

Top responsible travel tips for Czech Republic

1. Be considerate of the Czech Republic’s customs, traditions, religion and culture.

2. For environmental reasons, try to avoid buying bottled water. Instead, fill a reusable water bottle or canteen with filtered water.

3. Always dispose of litter thoughtfully, including cigarette butts.

4. Learn some local language and don't be afraid to use it - simple greetings will help break the ice.

5. Shop for locally made products. Supporting local artisans helps keep traditional crafts alive.

6. Refrain from supporting businesses that exploit or abuse endangered animals.

7. Please ask and receive permission before taking photos of people, including children.

The Intrepid Foundation

The Intrepid Foundation provides travellers with an opportunity to give something back to the many wonderful communities we travel to. By donating to The Intrepid Foundation you can make a difference in local communities - in health care, education, human rights, child welfare and the protection of wildlife and the environment.

In the Czech Republic, the Intrepid Foundation proudly supports:

Fond Ohrozenych Deti (Fund for Children in Need)

Based in Prague, this organisation helps children and families in crisis by providing financial help, tutoring, housing and recreation activities. Staffed mainly by volunteers and part time staff, this not-for-profit group helps marginalised people who don't receive help from the government.

Image supplied by Fond Ohrozenych Deti (Fund for Children in Need).

To learn more or donate, go to:

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