Rev your internal engines, pump up the adrenaline and get ready to immerse yourself within the world of formula one racing. 

If you feel the need for speed (alongside your need to travel) then come to Miami for the Grand Prix and stay in the city for our Miami to the Florida Keys tour. With thousands of people descending on the sunshine state for the 2-hour electric event, it’ll be hard to find a better atmosphere than the one within the stands of the Miami International Autodrome. Whether you can’t wait to hear the tires squeal as the race starts, catch a glimpse of a famous F1 driver, or drink it up in the newly created Hard Rock Beach Club, no other state in the US does an event quite like Miami. 

What is the Miami Grand Prix?

The Miami Grand Prix is an organized Formula One race event that signifies the start of the 2022 Formula One World Championship. It’s set to be held at the Miami International Autodrome with the circuit specifically designed for the event after several propositions. The F1 format is quickly becoming popular among sports lovers in the states with the US Grand Prix drawing a massive 440,000 people over its three days so expect a similar number of people for this event too. 

When is the Miami Grand Prix in 2022?

The Miami Grand Prix starts on 6th May with the actual Formula One race happening on 8th May. There’ll be two or three practice sessions occurring before the main event, as well as a three-part qualifying session on either the Friday (6th) or Saturday (7th) to determine the starting order for the latter day’s sprint qualifying session which will determine the final starting positions for the main race on Sunday (8th).  

What are the details of the Miami Grand Prix circuit? 

Initially, there were talks for the Miami F1 Grand Prix to be held on the streets of the city (street circuit) however it was ultimately decided that the race would be held inside Hard Rock Stadium to become the Hard Rock Stadium Circuit. This circuit features 19 corners and 3 straights over a distance of 5.41km. The average speed for drivers is predicted to be around 222km/h (138mph) but the circuit will also include a long start/finish straight where cars could get up to 322km/h (200mph). 

What do I wear to the Miami Grand Prix?

Since the event is held in Miami at the start of May, you can expect the weather to be quite warm (think upwards of 79°F) so wearing sun-smart clothes is a must. This means packing hats, t-shirts, shorts, and a light cardigan/jacket if you plan on wearing tank tops, as well as sunscreen to protect you from the sun. Unless you’re visiting one of the corporate or VIP areas then casual clothes are appropriate.

Chances are you’ll also do a lot of walking so make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes and have a day bag/backpack with you to keep passes, money, and anything else you need handy. 

Things to do at the Miami Grand Prix

F1 driver signaling to the crowd at Miami Grand Prix

Watch the speedy cars race

While there are plenty of other things to enjoy at the Miami F1 Grand Prix, you can’t come to the big event without sitting down to watch the cars whiz past you at speeds of up to 322km/h. Guaranteed to be the experience of a lifetime, catch the three-part qualifying session or 2-hour main race from your comfy spot in the stands. Whether you’re there to cheer on your favorite driver or show your support for the different teams, this event is going to be epic. 

Crew changing a racecar's tires in pit lane

Walk the iconic pit lane

If you’re a hardcore Formula One racing fan, then walking the pit lane will be a dream come true. Available to all general admission ticket holders, this unforgettable activity occurs on Thursday afternoon (5th May) and gives you an up-close look at the cars themselves. If you don’t fancy the idea of walking the pit lane with thousands of other people, opt for a Starter, Trophy, or Hero Ticket Packages, where you’re allowed to strut your stuff in private. 

Close up of a race car's interior at the Miami Grand Prix in Florida.

Explore the Formula One Village

The Miami Grand Prix features fun on and off the circuit with the track itself, and its surrounds, worth exploring before and after the big race is over. Normally located behind or close to the main grandstand on the start/finish straight, the F1 Village is another must-visit. Whether you want to visit your favorite team’s merchandise store (and pick up a little something to show your support), try your hand at race simulators, or listen to driver Q&As, there’s plenty to do. 

A collection of cocktails from the Hard Rock Cafe

Visit the Hard Rock Beach Bar

It turns out that watching the race isn’t the only thing you can do at the Miami Grand Prix. Introducing the Hard Rock Beach Bar, complete with real sand, big striped umbrellas, and more cocktails than you’ll be able to drink. The perfect combination of Miami’s own South Beach and the Formula One race, spend a few hours lounging under the sun, sipping on your favorite beverage while listening to the sound of cars racing around the circuit. Talk about a memorable experience. 

Miami Grand Prix FAQs

If you're traveling from a neighboring state then flying into Miami International Airport (MIA) is the quickest way to get to the city. From there, you can easily catch a taxi or a rideshare vehicle to your pre-booked accommodation. From your accommodation, it's also really easy to arrange transportation to the Miami International Autodrome in Miami Gardens where the Formula One Grand Prix is being held. 

The cost of F1 Grand Prix tickets can vary depending on what type of ticket you're after but the average one-day ticket usually costs around USD$400. However, you can find tickets for as low as USD$257 on some official ticketing websites. There are also special VIP packages or three-day passes available for the event that cost upwards of USD$1000. 

There are currently 10 Formula One racing teams with each team having 2 racecars and two drivers. See the full list below of F1 teams:

  • Mercedes
  • Alpine 
  • Haas 
  • Red Bull Racing 
  • McLaren 
  • Aston Martin 
  • Ferrari 
  • AlphaTauri 
  • Alfa Romeo 
  • Williams 

There are a few things you should make sure you have before setting out for a big day by the race track. To ensure you've got everything you need, we've put together a list of the essentials: 

  • race day tickets 
  • reusable drink bottle
  • snacks 
  • earplugs/ear protectors
  • camera 
  • sun cream 
  • hat

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