The safety of our passengers, leaders and operators is a major priority of Intrepid.

Read Intrepid’s Safety Policy

With this in mind, we monitor world events very closely. Intrepid makes operations decisions based on informed advice from a number of sources.

1. The Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT)

For any Intrepid-operated trip, if DFAT’s advisory is at ‘Do Not Travel’ then Intrepid will either cancel the trip or reroute the itinerary to avoid the areas concerned.


2. Staff on the ground

With over 400 leaders on the ground in operational destinations and subsidiary companies in our main hub cities, Intrepid has access to an up-to-the-minute flow of information regarding the mood and feeling within the countries we work in. We are also in regular contact with the various operators we use. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of their various areas is vital.

3. Other government travel advisories

Most countries’ governments provide their own travel advice. See below for links to some of the larger ones:

Current updates

There have been a lot of reports on the escalated violent protests in Hong Kong that are happening in various locations including tourist areas this week. Schools have shut down, small businesses are closed, and a majority of subway lines have stopped operating. There have also been attempts to block traffic going to HK airport. These violent actions also tend to escalate over the weekends and are becoming increasingly unpredicatble in terms of method, time and location. We have decide to reroute our trips that finish in Hong Kong to Guangzhou to avoid risks posed to our group and staff's safety. The affected departure is CBYC191106 and all clients are advised of the itinerary change. We will keep monitoring the situation in Hong Kong and helping our clients to make further arrangement where necessary.

There have been large bushfires burning throughout the state of New South Wales (NSW). A state of emergency has been declared by the NSW government. 
There are fires in Dorrigo National Park, Port Macquarie and throughout the Central Coast. 

We currently do not have any groups in the affected areas and all travellers and staff accounted for and safe.

We have made the decision to cancel the following departures: Sydney to Brisbane PVON191116

We will continue to monitor the situation with our local operator and state emergency services and make amendments to future departures as neccesary. 

If you have any questions please contact your booking agent. 

Following the resignation of the President and senior public officials on 10th November, the political and security situation remains very uncertain across Bolivia. This follows an extended and ongoing period of wide-scale political demonstrations and civil unrest across the country since disputed elections in October 2019. Further protests are likely to occur at short notice and may turn violent without warning. On 11th November, DFAT raised their travel advice to "reconsider your need to travel". We have continued to monitor the situation in Bolivia, and unfortunately there has been little improvement. There are currently still security concerns with access to the airport in El Alto (La Paz) as well as continued road blocks and protests both in the capital and around the country.

As a result of the above and with the safety of our travelers and staff in mind we have made the decision to cancel upcoming trips to Bolivia and to reroute any trips currently enroute to Bolivia to avoid entering the country.

The following trips have been cancelled:












Travellers on these trips should contact their booking agent to transfer amounts paid to an alternate departure date or to receive a full refund. Further decisions about other upcoming trips to Bolivia will be made in the following days.

The following trips will be rerouted and will not travel to Bolivia:










The specific changes to these itineraries will be communicated to travellers on ground through their tour leader.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding upcoming travel to Bolivia, please reach out to your booking agent. If you are currently in Bolivia and require assistance, please call our local emergency contact on +51 996 055 559.


***UPDATE 11th November 2019****


Protests and civil unrest have broken out in Chile over the past month. This began over the Government increasing the cost of public transport, but has since escalated to be a general protest over rising inequality. There have been violent clashes between protestors and the Military, however it appears to be confined to certain areas of the city and other areas have remained mostly unaffected. 

If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to your booking agent. If there are issues once you land in Chile, please call our local emergency contact +56 9 7964 8594 (Situated in Santiago, Chile).

We at Intrepid have been monitoring this situation closely through our ground team and local suppliers. Based on the most up to date advice from local authorities, we have determined most trips will continue to run as normal at this stage.

Our ground operations teams have advised the following: 

  • All airports, including Santiago ́s Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCL) are working normally There have been only a few delays reported, but the situation is mostly controlled. 
  • The highway from the airport to the city is clear and passengers are able to connect to the city. 
  • The roads between Chile and Argentina are working normally after some intial border crossings closing in the early days of the unrest. 

Trips are still running, with only minor changes to the hotels in Santiago as we have moved to a quieter and safer area of the city as we are avoiding the Downtown area presently. We have contacted all effected passengers to advise of this change. 


If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to your booking agent. If there are issues once you land in Chile, please call our local emergency contact +56 9 7964 8594 (Situated in Santiago, Chile ).





****UPDATE 11th November 2019*********


Due to nationwide protests in Ecuador in early October, tensions remain high, despite most services returning to normal, there are still pockets of tensions which are resulting in strikes and protests. 


We at Intrepid have been monitoring this situation closely through our ground team and local suppliers. Based on the most up to date advice from local authorities, we have determined that all trips will continue to run as normal at this stage. If applicable, upon arrival in Quito, and before you are able to connect with your tour leader, we suggest you follow advice of the hotel reception and local authorities. There are no foreseeable concerns if you have planned travel in the Galapagos Islands.


If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to your booking agent. If there are issues once you land in Ecuador, please call our local emergency contact +593 9 94014877 (Situated in Quito, Ecuador).



Air pollution in Delhi and northern Indian states peaks in the winter as farmers in neighbouring agricultural regions set fires to clear land after the harvest and prepare for the next crop season.

The pollution in the Indian capital also peaks after celebrations for Diwali (27 Oct '19), the Hindu festival of light, when people set off fireworks. Construction dust also sharply increases each winter, exacerbating what is already a public health concern. Air pollution at this level can aggravate heart and lung disease and also poses serious risk to the respiratory systems of the general population.

All travellers in Delhi will be provided with 3M masks to wear until the pollution levels lessen.

A 5.7-magnitude earthquake hit Xiahe County in Gansu, China at local time 1:56 am on 28 Oct. Strong tremors were felt in the county and many people rushed out to the streets after the earthquake. Only one group of Explore China (CBKS191020) was in Xiahe at the time and all clients are safe. The group has left the county for Lanzhou Airport and will travel to Beijing today.

There were large non-violent gatherings, authorised and unauthorised, over the weekend Hong Kong. The situation around protests and public gatherings could change quickly, with the potential for significant violence, especially during unauthorised protests. Traffic congestions and public transport delays and suspensions can be expected. Hong Kong airport has resumed normal operation with enforcement of access control. Passengers are only allowed into the airport with boarding pass/ticket and it is advised to be at the airport about 5 hours before the flight time. We advise to keep yourself updated by checking your flight status on the airport website. We will continue our trips as per planned itinerary with close monitor of the situation in Hong Kong.

Following the arrest of former President Atambayev there have been a number of demonstrations and some civil unrest, including some violent incidents in and around Bishkek. Political tensions remain, and further demonstrations and disturbances may occur. There has been no impact on our trips to Kyrgzystan and all itineraries are continuing as planned. We will continue to follow advice of local authorities to avoid any affected areas of the city.