Things to eat in Australia

Australia's extraordinary landscapes and iconic national attractions may be the main drawcards when deciding whether to visit this wondrous country, but so is its food with snacks like meat pies, lamingtons and ANZAC biscuits among the things you have to eat during your travels.

While the country itself is a cultural melting pot, there are plenty of quintessential Aussie foods that need to be on every traveller's menu from the divisive vegemite on toast to everyone's favourite, the classic chicken parmigiana.

We've put together a list of the foods you have to try at least once so you can spend less time googling and more time eating. 

Meat pie 

You simply can't leave Australia without trying a meat pie. More importantly, you haven't eaten an Australian meat pie correctly until you've bitten into the crust of the pie's flaky pastry only to find that the gooey, meaty goodness inside is way too hot for your tongue's tastebuds so you end up making a noise you've never heard before. To put Australians' love for meat pies into context, it's estimated that roughly 300 million pies are enjoyed each year. 


Boasting the title of 'Australia's national cake', the lamington is a light sponge cake dipped in chocolate and topped with coconut flakes. Perfect for morning or afternoon tea, or as an after-dinner snack, this light and fluffy sweet treat is as iconic to Australian cuisine as cork hats and budgie smugglers are to Aussie clothing. 


Absolutely nothing is more Australian than vegemite so this love-it or hate-it condiment is something you definitely have to try when visiting the country. Looking like Nutella but tasting saltier and yeastier than you'd ever want your Nutella to be, vegemite is best served on toast with a bit of butter to break up the strong flavours. 

Fresh seafood 

For a country that's completely surrounded by water, it's not a surprise that Australia is home to some of the world's best seafood offerings. From eating barramundi in Darwin, and slurping on oysters in Hobart to dining on kingfish by the harbour in Sydney and munching on lobster in Perth, you could go anywhere in the country and be captivated by the quality and flavour of Australia's fresh seafood. 


While technically not a food, Milo still deserves a place on this list purely for the nostalgia of childhood it gives most Aussie adults. Frequently enjoyed as an afterschool snack or as an after-dinner treat, Milo is loved absolutely everywhere and we bet you could walk into any house, go straight to their pantry and find the iconic green tin. 

Aussie BBQ 

Perhaps one of Australia's most famous sayings, "put another shrimp on the barbie" is the perfect example of Australians' love for barbecuing everything.  And we mean, everything. From sausages to burgers, and from vegetables to seafood, there's nothing Australians won't put on the BBQ. 

Classic parmigiana 

While there might be some debate around whether it's called a 'parma' or 'parmi', Australians can all agree that this pub staple is undoubtedly delicious.

Usually made up of Napoli sauce, ham, and cheese (although you can get different flavours like a Mexican parmigiana or a Hawaiian parmigiana), the meal is served with chips and salad and will quickly top the list of the tastiest things you'll ever eat. 

Tim Tams

Rivalling the lamington as the best sweet snack to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea, the Tim Tam is one of Australia's most beloved biscuits thanks to its chocolate-y filling and decadent flavour. But don't be fooled by the description, you could easily eat several of these in a sitting - they're that tasty. 


Yes, the kangaroo is on the Australian coat of arms, and yes, Australians do love to eat it. 

Not only is kangaroo meat delicious (although, admittedly it's not for everyone), but it's also readily available with most supermarkets offering kangaroo steak, kangaroo meatballs, and sausages for you to cook up at home.

Kangaroo meat is also extremely good for you and a lot healthier than beef with less fat, cholesterol, and calories. 

ANZAC biscuits 

These sugary, buttery biscuits may be delicious but they're also steeped in history as they were originally created by the wives and mothers of the men in the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC).

Sent to the front lines or sold as a way to raise money during the first world war, these biscuits now hold a soft, commemorative spot in every Australian's heart. 

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