What's the weather like in New Caledonia?

The weather patterns in New Caledonia are determined by two seasons thanks to the country's tropical climate; the hot and rainy season from December to March and the cold and dry season from June to September. The months in between these seasons are known as 'intermediate' months and generally exhibit the same mild weather patterns. 

The hot and rainy season 

The temperatures during this period of time are the highest New Caledonia is likely to get throughout the year with averages around 90°F. But with high temperatures and excessive amounts of rainfall comes increased humidity, which sits around 79% for the duration of the season. This can often make adventures outside unpleasant but the chances of a cooling breeze are high, so it's still possible to enjoy outdoor activities. 

Tropical thunderstorms and rain showers are extremely common, but the amount of precipitation experienced depends on where you're located in New Caledonia. The inland region and the northeast coast of the island are likely to see more rainfall than other areas, boasting around 12 inches of rain during March alone. If you venture to the southwest coast, you'll be met with rainfall that ranges from 8 inches to 6 inches during the same time period. 

While that sounds like a lot of rain, the sun does shine quite a bit with a total average of around 7.5 hours of sunshine per day during the hot and rainy season. 

The cold and dry season 

While the temperatures during this season aren't necessarily considered 'cold' by normal standards, the highs of 90°F during the hot season do drop to around 73/75°F from around June through September and can even get as low as 63/64°F. That might not sound like ideal swimming weather, but the water temperature stays consistently warm throughout the year, sitting at around 75°F on average. 

This period sees less rainfall than its warmer predecessor (although infrequent showers can still occur, especially along the northern coast of New Caledonia) but still experiences a decent amount of wind which can sometimes make the temperatures feel colder than they actually are. 

When is the best time to visit New Caledonia? 

New Caledonia is one of those year-round destinations with plenty of fun, relaxation, and adventure to be had regardless of the season you travel in but there are some things to keep in mind before you start planning your trip. While you might think traveling to an island country when it's at its hottest is the best time to visit, that's not entirely true for New Caledonia, as the high levels of humidity experienced during the hot and rainy season make spending long periods of time outside uncomfortable. 

The cold and dry season doesn't necessarily make for perfect holiday conditions either as temperatures can drop lower than what is preferred for a tropical destination. If you're searching for the best of both worlds (warm temperatures with less rainfall), then traveling during the intermediate period between April and May is the way to go. This will ensure you'll enjoy average temperatures of around 77°F while keeping possible showers to a minimum. 

Average temperatures in New Caledonia 


Average high

Average low

March to May



June to August



September to November



December to February



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