With the competition this fierce, you don’t get to be Australia’s best-known national park without good reason.

Kakadu National Park is packed with billabongs, waterfalls, strange rock formations and all types of native wildlife. This is where Australia runs wild. ‘Roos bounce through the bushland, dingoes are spotted along rocky outcrops, dugongs wallow off the coast and, despite the name, crocs patrol the waters of Alligator River. Following a landmark ruling back in 1976, approximately half of the land was returned to its traditional custodians. While nearly half of all Northern Territory land now belongs to Indigenous Australians, many of these communities are closed off to visitors. Kakadu National Park is one of the best places to encounter Indigenous culture through managed intercultural exchanges.

Climb into a 4WD to rumble about the bushland of Litchfield, escape the winter chill of the south and soak up the year-round warmth in Katherine and Jim Jim Falls, or cross the Northern Territory from top-to-tail taking in the highlights from Alice to Darwin. Go on. Jump in.

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