What's the weather like in Clare Valley?

Clare Valley has a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. Temperatures in the summer (December to February) can sizzle, but the average high sits around 82°F. Rainfall is minimal in spring and summer, so this is when to enjoy long days outside enjoying the sunshine and sipping on delicious wine.

Winter (June to August) is the wettest season in Clare Valley. The rainiest month of the year is July, averaging around 3 inches for the month. May and September also see a fair amount of rain.

Even in winter, Clare Valley enjoys a good amount of sunshine with daytime temperatures sitting around 61°F. However, this can drop to lows of 37°F at night and it's not uncommon to wake up to frost, so don't forget your warm layers.

When's the best time to visit Clare Valley?

Clare Valley enjoys reasonably good weather all year, but fall (March to May) is a glorious season as temperatures are in the high 70s and autumn foliage makes the region even more scenic. You could also align your trip with the Clare Valley Gourmet Week, Australia’s longest-running traditional wine and food festival, at the end of May.

Another great time to visit is spring (September to November). The countryside and pastures are lush and green thanks to the winter rains, average temperatures rise to the low 70s, and flowers and wildlife flourish.

Clare Valley average temperatures 


Average high

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