Souqs, savannas, safaris and the Sahara – the lure of Africa is its diverse wildlife, thousands of cultures and breathtaking landscapes.

Originally meaning ‘to travel’ in Arabic and Swahili, the word ‘safari’ can describe many types of epic adventure in Africa. There’s the ancient Egypt kind – discovering the lost city of Abu Simbel and the Valley of the Kings. The nomadic one – veering away from Morocco’s souqs and medinas and being hosted by a Berber family in the Sahara. The local village version – cherishing moments of interaction with Maasai, San and Malagasy cultures. And, of course, the wildlife way – heading in search of the Big Five in any number of game reserves and parks: Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kruger and Lake Nakuru, to name a few. What does your African adventure look like?

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Overlanding in Africa

Travelling overland is something special. There’s very little between you and the world – and on safari, that world is pretty captivating. Across the plains of the Serengeti and the Masai Mara, through cornfields, mountains and remote villages: take a drive on the wild side, Intrepid style.

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Highlights of Africa

Travellers in an Overland vehicle taking photos on the Serengeti

Search for the Big Five

On safari, it’s all about getting as close as you can to the elusive Big Five – the African elephant, black rhino, Cape buffalo, African lion and African leopard. Pack your camera and keep your eyes peeled to the grasslands as you travel in a custom-built Overland vehicle on the trip of a lifetime.

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A Moroccan tagine being seasoned

Eat more of Morocco

There’s no better way to get to know a place than to learn about its cuisine! Among the sights, sounds and souqs of Morocco, salivate over street-side snacks at Marrakech’s Djemma el-Fna market, taste a tagine in Tangier and embark on a food-focused experience at a Berber family homestay high in the Atlas Mountains.

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Group in front of Mt Kilimanjaro at sunset

Trek the heights of Kilimanjaro

Standing at 5896 m, the world’s tallest freestanding mountain may seem imposing, but it’s certainly not out of reach. Mt Kilimanjaro rises from acacia forests and arid scrublands at the border of Kenya and Tanzania, and trekking to the summit to see the sprawling plains below is definitely worth the long days on the trail.

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 Maasai people perform jumping dance

Meet with Maasai warriors

The wide-open plains of Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve are not only home to herds of wild animals, but also to the welcoming communities of the Maasai people. Join these red-clad warriors to learn about their vibrant customs and culture, witness the famous jumping dances and discover their traditional way of life.

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Young gorilla in Rwanda

Encounter a gorilla in Rwanda

There are only two populations of mountain gorillas left in the entire world – one of which is in Rwanda. After the effort of trekking into the thick jungle, once you’re near a silverback or can spot a female nursing her baby you’ll know the muddy trek was worth it.

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Mokoro on the Okavango Delta

Mokoro down the Okavango

Days spent overlanding on safari are incredible, but what about wildlife spotting from the water? Traverse the channels of Botswana's Okavango Delta by mokoro – a traditional dugout canoe – through the maze of reeds and lagoons, searching for the region’s most unique and unusual creatures and birdlife.

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Podcast – East Africa Overland with Intrepid

What should I pack for a safari? What are the toilet facilities like? What do you do if there’s a lion in your campsite? Two Intrepid travellers answer the big questions about East Africa overland travel in this 30-minute podcast, recorded in a tent in the heart of the Masai Mara. They discuss how to prepare for a trip (packing, visas, health) and what to expect on the ground (camping, game drives, life in the truck), plus run through their personal highlights of two Intrepid Basix tours: the 8-day Serengeti Trail tour in Tanzania and the 8-day Kenya Wildlife Safari. Think of it as a chat with helpful friends.

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What to do in 7-10 days in Africa

In a short amount of time in Africa, you can get an insight into a place, learn about local communities and check out some of the hotspots, with a couple of game drives thrown in for good measure. You might like to mix up a Serengeti safari in Tanzania with time to chill out by the pristine northern beaches of Zanzibar. If Morocco’s your thing, why not consider a city and coast short trip that gives you a taste of this majestic country.

Whether it’s taking in the mighty Victoria Falls from multiple angles, seeing the best of Okavango or discovering the parks and Maasai communities of Kenya, this diverse continent can give you a quick taste of some key places, or form part of a longer adventure.

10 Days From 1324

Tour through Johannesburg, Maun, Chobe, the Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls on a ten...

8 Days From 1636

Roam the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, camp beside Lake Victoria and spot Africa's...

Tailor-Made trips

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8 Days From 1712

Travel from South Africa's capital to Botswana and Zimbabwe, visiting two of southern...

9 Days From 1840

Explore Tanzania on this nine-day Lonely Planet Experience powered by Intrepid,...

What to do in 3 weeks in Africa

Three weeks in Africa opens up the possibilities of contrasting experiences or a more in-depth immersion into a number of places. How about this: once you’ve headed on a safari and followed the migration route in East Africa, head further afield into the thickets of the Ugandan or Rwandan jungle to meet a rare silverback on an unforgettable gorilla trek.

You have time to discover Madagascar’s unusual wildlife and Avenue of the Baobabs, take to the mighty south of Africa through Johannesburg to Vic Falls, or venture down the Namibian coast to southern Cape Town.

18 Days From 1320

Explore Morocco on this in-depth tour with Intrepid. Spend 18 days exploring Marrakech,...

16 Days From 3136

Encounter the wildlife of Kenya and Uganda on this 16-day Lonely Planet Experience...

Tailor-Made trips

Take two or more on an exclusive trip and tailor your itinerary

18 Days From 2660

Spend 18 days exploring Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe on a Lonely Planet Experience...

24 Days From 4116

Travel through Madagascar visiting national parks like Isalo, Anadsibe and Ranomafana...

22 Days From 7124

Jump onboard an exhilarating journey from Cape Town to Victoria Falls through the...

18 Days From 8065

This 18-day tour hits Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania for tracking gorillas in...

What to do in 6 weeks in Africa

The arid grasslands and diverse communities all over Africa are not something to be rushed, and in six weeks you’ll be able to fit in some epic overland journeys. Not only will these take you to the most iconic locations, you’ll also have time to experience natural, cultural and historical wonders at your own pace.

Ever thought about starting way up in Kenya and embarking on an all-encompassing expedition through to Cape Town? We’ve got Africa trips that take you away for up to 64 days, so if there’s a place to take your time, why not here – our trips fit in (not so) endless combinations.

64 Days From 8976

This 64-day journey with Lonely Planet and Intrepid explores Southern Africa in detail...

30 Days From 3816

Take a 30-day southern African adventure with Lonely Planet and Intrepid, from Cape...

Tailor-Made trips

Take two or more on an exclusive trip and tailor your itinerary

42 Days From 6776

Explore Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe on a 42-day Lonely Planet...

48 Days From 6000

Tour Africa's best from Kenya to Cape Town through Tanzania, Zanzibar, Malawi, Zimbabwe...

37 Days From 5196

Travel the waterways of Botswana, the beaches of Zanzibar and the savannahs of the...

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