10 impactful new travel experiences that give back   

written by Gemma Music December 4, 2023
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Imagine a way to see the world while giving back. For Intrepid, creating and sharing the joy of travel goes beyond seeing sights and surface-level experiences.   

As part of The Goods, we’ve searched far and wide to roll out the best new trips and experiences that give back to the people, places and communities you visit. Check out our top picks below.    

1. See locally-grown produce thrive in shipping containers in South Korea   

In Busan, at the heart of the city, you’ll find Cube Farm, an urban smart farming social enterprise backed by the government and local NGOs that is growing fresh produce in old shipping containers. See how locals are changing the game in the world of agricultural growth to keep things green in a busy city. Their sustainability efforts might even inspire you to grow a thing or two back home. Check it out on the new Essential South Korea trip.  

2. Spend time at a community art studio in Morocco  

If you happen to find yourself in Ait Benhaddou on Premium Morocco in Depth, you’ll get the chance to visit Taman’Art Space, an art studio and cultural centre created by a local artist. Take it easy as you sit back and learn the tricks of the trade along with the method and inspiration. Let’s not forget about the sweeping views that frame the space. How good! 

3. Tuk-tuk through Angkor Wat while supporting women 

Seeing Angkor Wat is incredible. But seeing Angkor Wat at sunrise in a tuk-tuk driven by local women takes it one step further. This newly added experience on Real Cambodia and Essential Cambodia in 2024 allows you to support women on your travels. You will wake early to see the mighty complex with your Intrepid leader while zipping around in a tuk-tuk operated by a local social enterprise, all for employing women.   

Explore the Angkor Wat complex with a female tuk-tuk driver in Cambodia

4. Go wild at the world’s first rewilding centre in Scotland  

Breathe in that fresh Scottish Highlands air. See if you can spot the famed monster in Loch Ness, then head to the nearby Dundreggan Rewilding Centre on the new Premium Scotland trip. This newly opened centre has a vision to revitalise forests so wildlife and communities can thrive. Your visit helps play a role in bringing this about. Learn how the volunteers grow up to 100,000 rare and native trees yearly and why this project plays a huge part in protecting and improving the environment for humans, wildlife and maybe even Nessie. 

5. Get to know the next generation of entrepreneurs in South Korea  

Time in Jeonju wouldn’t be complete without visiting Hanok Village. There’s plenty to see and do here, but in Nambu Market, you’ll see the next generation of entrepreneurs in action. Learn about the recent success of the youth incubation program, which offers free rent to young business owners to save the market and keep the community thriving. Talk to the locals, learn their stories and then visit Palbok Art Factory to see some local work on display. Get there on Essential South Korea.  

6. Sip a beer that supports conservation in Botswana  

Searching for wildlife is thirsty work. And a well-deserved drink is the way to go. If craft beer is your preference, you’ll love touring, tasting and learning about beer-related things at Northern Botswana’s first licensed microbrewery. Okavango Craft Brewery is on a journey to brew for conservation. They craft their beer with millet grown by small-scale farmers to support local efforts to coexist with elephants. Not only does this promote sustainable farming practices, but it also contributes to the region’s wildlife economy. Check it out on the Okavango & Beyond trip.

7. Support animal welfare initiatives in the United States  

The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary‘s mission is clear – save them all. On the Zion Glamping Adventure, you can learn about the great work happening at the biggest non-profit, no-kill sanctuary in the United States and enjoy a plant-based lunch at their cafe. The experience wouldn’t be complete without meeting some of the friendly rescues, from bunnies to horses.

Meet the rescues of the United States’ biggest no-kill animal shelter

8. Tour Edinburgh with guides who have experienced homelessness  

Edinburgh is so beautiful that it will literally stop you in your tracks. Don’t take our word for it, though. Discover the city’s history on a guided tour with a difference on the new Premium Scotland trip. Invisible Cities is a locally run business that supports people who were once homeless by providing them with job opportunities. This experience simultaneously satisfies curious visitors to the city while helping tackle employment challenges for those who have faced hardships. 

9. Search for wildlife in Australia while supporting the environment 

If you enjoy wildlife and the great outdoors, you’ll love spending time in Australia’s Far North Queensland. On the Daintree & Cape Tribulation trip, you’ll encounter more than just impressive views. Head to Mareeba for a wildlife-spotting sunset experience. This evening adventure is hosted by Forever Wild – an organisation that helps create community and nature-based solutions to support the climate and biodiversity crises. After dark falls, return to your accommodation for a group dinner.   

10. Grab churros at a cafe offering employment to refugees in Spain  

See food as more than fuel? You’re in the right place! Savour a Spanish favourite that supports the community – cinnamon and sugar-dusted churros with velvety chocolate sauce from a churreria that provides training and employment opportunities to refugees. This social enterprise cafe helps encourage new opportunities for refugees and provides training and skills. Get a taste for yourself on the new Classic Barcelona to Madrid

Want more? Check out The Goods to learn more about our new and improved travel experiences for 2024.    

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