Who are the traditional owners of Albany?

The traditional owners of Albany are the Minang/Menang Noongar people, who've been living in this region of Western Australia for more than 50,000 years. 


A lot has been done over the past couple of decades to reconcile the traditional owners with the non-indigenous community of Albany, and in 2003, the Aboriginal Accord was launched. This accord, between the Minang/Menang Noongar peoples, the city of Albany, and the people of Albany, was the first of its kind and ensured that more would be done within the community to educate and promote a greater understanding of the Aboriginal history and culture within the area. 

With this accord, the Noongar peoples were officially recognised as the traditional owners of the land. This accord also promised to recognise the cultural and spiritual connections the Noongar people have to both land and sea, as well as acknowledging the loss and devastation the Aboriginal community faced at the hands of the first European settlers to the area among other things. 

How many places have been renamed in Albany?

As recently as 2021, a decision was made, with the town's commitment to further progress reconciliation in mind, to officially dual-name 28 significant Aboriginal landmarks, using their traditional cultural names. 

This historic decision allows for 16 landmarks in Albany and a further 12 waterways, vegetation, reserves, and other geographical locations to be renamed and goes a long way in reconnecting these landmarks and environments with Noongar language, stories, and culture. Working with the local Minang/Mengang Noongar Elders and the wider Aboriginal community, the city of Albany has proposed 28 traditional names including Takenorup (Parker Brook) and Miaritch (Oyster Harbour) which have been passed on to Landgate (Western Australia Land Information Authority) for approval. 

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