Much of Morocco's weather is typical of a four-season climate – super hot in the summer without much rain, winter turning wet, snowy and humid with milder conditions, and the shoulder seasons of autumn and spring acting as they usually do, with warm to mild temperatures. 

A common misconception about Morocco is that the country is just desert and is hot all the time. Yes, the Sahara makes up a large chunk of inland Morocco and many places swelter in summer, but the climate does change depending on where you are in the country, and what time you decide to visit.

Northern coastlines, like in Tangier, follow more of a Mediterranean climate pattern, with warm summers and cool winters, but not too much extremity either side. Cities and towns along the coast usually experience milder temperatures throughout the year, not reaching much higher than 30°C (86°F) on a hot day. The further you move inland, the more arid the climate becomes and the more elevation plays a part. In desert areas and arid zones, temperatures can soar to well above 40°C (104°F). Mountainous areas, such as the High Atlas, follow similar patterns, but evenings can offer quite cool conditions, so don't let the harsh sun-kissed landscapes fool you. 

Sunny day in Tangier

Weather in Tangier

One of the northernmost points of Morocco, Tangier follows a more Mediterranean climate of relatively hot summers, wet and mild winters and coastal winds blowing inland to offset the heat at many times of the year. It has heavier rainfall than most parts of northern Africa, but virtually no rain in July or August. 




 March to May 



 June to August 



 September to November 



 December to February 



Warm weather in Casablanca

Weather in Casablanca

Further down the coast, Casablanca has more of an oceanic sub-mediterranean climate and – surprisingly – similar weather patterns to Los Angeles! Casablanca is in the path of the cool Atlantic Canary Current, which moderates temperatures during the year.




 March to May 



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 December to February 



Sunny day in the Atlas Mountains

Weather in the High Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains cover a large section of northwestern Africa, through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The High Atlas in central Morocco is the highest section of this range, with the altitude lending itself to dry summers and some snow in the winter. The High Atlas's higher sections – where some peaks rise to over 4000 m – are understandably cooler; however, towards the south the climate is influenced more by the Sahara, with hot desert temperatures prevailing for most of the year. 




 March to May 



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 December to February 



A warm summer night in Marrakech

Weather in Marrakech

It's time to take the heat up a notch. Marrakech is around three hours south of Casablanca and, because it's inland, this is where the temperatures can sizzle. It's classed as a semi-arid climate, but as it's north of the Atlas Mountains, it can't be described as a desert city. At times, though, it sure does feel like it! 

July has the most daily sunshine hours with an average of 10.8, and the wettest month is November, with an average of 40.6 mm of rainfall. Temperatures have hit nearly 50­°C (122°F) in the summer, so if you're travelling then, be ready for sizzling conditions.




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