With flavours you won’t find anywhere else on Earth, this is the taste of real Australia. 

From the kookaburra’s early morning laugh to the fiery sunsets that close out the day, a journey into Australia’s Outback is one that engages all the senses. Now we’re giving you the chance to experience the taste of the bush too! 

Mainstream recognition of Indigenous food culture has been a long time coming to Australia’s first people. Yet the resourcefulness required to find food in such a tough environment is well worth celebrating.

In consultation with Aussie bush tucker specialist Andrew Fielke, we’ve created exclusive menus for our trips that incorporate the native produce that’s sustained Indigenous Australia for millennia.

Get ready to taste delicious dishes featuring kangaroo, emu; lemon myrtle, desert lime, wattle seed and more. 

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The flavours of the bush

Lemon myrtle

Lemon Myrtle

Often described as tasting ‘lemonier’ than an actual lemon, the leaves of the lemon myrtle tree contain the highest amounts of citral of any plant in the world. With an intense yet refreshing scent, lemon myrtle has been used to flavour teas, drinks, cakes, biscuits and ice cream.



More than just a funny-sounding word, this wild peach varietal has been a staple of the Aboriginal population for generations. Quandongs are known for their tart taste and are a popular choice in jams, sauces and preserves. The texture and sweetness of each quandong varies between trees.



These Acacia seeds have been used as a staple food ingredient for over 4,000 years. The seeds are roasted before being ground to powder, which is often used in traditional damper thanks to its rich nutty flavour. Wattleseed is so hardy that it’s been exported to Africa since the 1970s to assist drought-affected communities.



Ask around and you’ll find most Australians take pride in the fact that they’re one of the few nations that eat their national animal. That’s because kangaroo meat is an excellent source of lean protein and it contains almost no saturated fat. Don’t expect to see kangaroo farms though, all meat is harvested from Australia’s thriving wild populations. 

Menu highlights

We could try and describe our native food-inspired dishes...or we could just show you. Feast your eyes on our exclusive Alice Springs and Top End menus (and then get out there and taste them for real).

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