Jordan: the world’s most Instagrammable destination?

written by Andrew Hickey July 29, 2015

From the Roman ruins tucked away amid the seven hills of Amman to the lunar-like landscape of Wadi Rum, Jordan has a little something for everyone. So it should come as no surprise that Instagram is awash with thousands of jaw-dropping Jordan snaps and, thankfully, they’re not all selfies of travellers at Petra!

The official Visit Jordan hashtag, #shareyourjordan, has over 36,000 tagged photos alone. And to save you trawling through them all (as we’re sure you have better things to do) we’ve delved in and rounded up a handful of our favourites. From the people, the landscapes, the sunsets and the…um…record stores – here’s a taste of what the beautiful country of Jordan has to offer.

If this little lot doesn’t result in a severe case of the wanderlusts, you’d better check your pulse.

Gatekeepers of the Treasury – @theplanetd

jordan instagram - Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.32.26 AM

“Petra is the jewel of Jordan. Dating back to 312 BC this is Jordan’s most visited tourist attraction. It was discovered in 1812 by a Swiss explorer and was described as “the rose red city half as old as time. We spent a couple of days here and really enjoyed it. Walking the grounds of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a bucket list item for sure. These two guys hang out near the front of one of the most popular sites in Petra, The Treasury and we’re happy to get a picture taken with their camels.”


Tabaqet Fahl – @queenrania

jordan instagram -@queenrania

“Beautiful Jordan, all dressed up in its spring finest. Throwback from my visit to Tabaqet Fahl last week.”

The Dead Sea – @unclescrooch

jordan instagram -@unclesrooch

“Standing in the Dead Sea. It was very interesting watching an older gentleman struggling with the water, he was wearing flip flops. He really struggled to get his feet under the water, an sadly he suffered my pain, flapped water too hard and it hit his face. Ouch! He got some help from the life guards who rinsed his face. Lesson learned, don’t fight the Dead Sea, unless of course you are.”

The desert, Wadi Rum – @travelfreak_

jordan instagram -@travelfreak_

“Three generations of Toyota in the Jordanian desert, Wadi Rum.”

The way to Petra – @hmza.ama

jordan instagram -@hmza.ama

The desert – @sendingstache

jordan instagram -@sendingstache

“Here’s a shot from that time I mobbed through the Jordanian desert on the back of a 4×4 with armed guards, and got to take photos of armed horseman.”

Amman – @jordanherschel

jordan instagram -@jordanherschel

“Early evening traffic flows through the streets of Amman like blood though veins. The people are the life of this city, and I’m sure going to miss it.”

Petra – @garethpon

jordan instagram -@garethpon

“One thing I love looking out for whenever I travel are the artisans in each area. We watched this man create “paintings” inside bottles using naturally coloured sand. The sand in these bottles are placed strategically against the side of the bottle to form figures and subjects, the sand inside the bottles is compacted tightly and sealed to create a beautiful sand painting.”

Amman – @alaaeddinjaber

jordan instagram -@alaaeddinjaber

Valley – @felecool

jordan instagram - @felecool

300m below sea level.”

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Feature image c/o Mahmood Salam, Flickr


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