Is it safe to swim on K'gari?

When you see the sun-drenched sands and turquoise waters of K'gari, you'll want to jump straight in. However, sea swimming here is off the cards. It's too dangerous due to powerful currents and the risk of potentially harmful marine life. The only sea swimming you can do is in a collection of natural rock pools known as Champagne Pools. There are also plenty of lakes and creeks that are safe for swimming.

Can you swim at the beach on K'gari?

As tempting as it may be, swimming in the sea on K'gari is not recommended. The ocean around the island is known for powerful riptides that can pull even the strongest swimmers out to sea. It's also home to large numbers of sharks and jellyfish, lifeguards don't patrol the beaches, and medical services are limited.

There are many warning signs warning against swimming in the sea. It's important to respect them.

Where can you swim on K'gari?

The sea might be out of bounds, but there are plenty of places to swim on K'gari from turquoise lakes to winding creeks. Some of our favourite spots include:

  • Eli Creek
  • Lake Wabby
  • Lake McKenzie
  • Wanghoolba Creek
  • Orange Creek
  • Lake Boomanjin
  • Ocean Lake
  • Lake Birrabeen
  • Champagne Pools (sea swimming)

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