The weather in Queenstown can really vary depending on what time of year it is. In Winter the weather can be really cold with temperatures that see snow on the mountain ranges, and Summers can see temperatures of up to 30°C, although the average is low 20's. Queenstown's climate is considered to be continental-style with hot Summers and cool Winters. Interestingly, it's not uncommon to experience days where the temperature and conditions mirror that of a couple of seasons in one day. 

How cold is Queenstown in Winter? 

Queenstown does get quite cold in the Winter months (June, July, and August) with the temperatures being low enough to produce snow. During Winter, Queenstown can expect temperatures as low as -6°C but generally, the average is a chilly 0°C. However, not all Winter days see bad weather. When the sun's shining, the temperature can get up to 15°C however the average high is around 9°C. 

The mountain ranges where snow can be expected to fall sit roughly 10 degrees lower than the rest of Queenstown. 

When is the best time to travel to Queenstown? 

You can travel to Queenstown at any point during the year with each season having something different to offer. Winter is popular for those who love to ski as temperatures are cold enough to produce snow. Queenstown's ski season begins in June and doesn't end until early October giving you a large time frame to hit the slopes. If you're traveling to Queenstown in Summer you'll enjoy warm, sunny days that are perfect for spending time outside including participating in activities like hiking and cycling. 

Autumn is one of the more popular times to visit Queenstown as the vegetation turns to colours of amber and gold, making this picturesque city seem like something straight out of a fairytale. Alternately, Spring is also a popular time for the same reason as Queenstown comes back to life, flowers are in full bloom and the city center is less crowded with tourists. 

Regardless of when you travel to Queenstown, the majority of exciting activities and adventures are available all year round. 

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