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Georgia’s mix of natural beauty, medieval history and Soviet influences has made it one of Eastern Europe’s most fascinating destinations.

Long hidden behind ‘the curtain’, it has emerged, butterfly-like on travellers’ maps. Boasting hilltop churches, meandering cobbled streets, mountainscapes and a wine region the French would envy, Georgia is sure to capture your imagination.

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Premium Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia

Kathryn · Traveled May 2023
This was an amazing trip to these little known destinations. We were able to see the highlights of these 3 countries with many special inclusions. Each day got better and better and we were we cared for by our tour leader Manya.
Review submitted 24 May 2023

Premium Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia

Nicola · Traveled May 2023
The Intrepid Premium trip to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia was an extremely varied visit with a number of highlights. It was very well planned, with a wide range of activities. My enjoyment was greatly enhanced by the friendliness and efficiency of our tour leader.
Review submitted 23 May 2023

Georgia Adventure

ruth · Traveled May 2023
Georgia is very beautiful, especially the mountains. I would've liked to have spent more time hiking in the mountains. The Georgians we met were friendly and hospitable. I really enjoyed attending the Tbilisi opera and learning more about Georgian culture. I recommend taking some easily transportable dog food when going out of the major cities to feed the lovely, friendly dogs who need a feed. The Georgians are doing the best they can but need all the help we can give.
Review submitted 19 May 2023

Premium Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia

Maxine · Traveled April 2023
A fabulous journey of discovery through one of the worlds most important and at times volatile overland trade routes during the era of the Silk Trade from east to west. Travelling in comfort all the way.
Review submitted 16 May 2023

Premium Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia

Nikki · Traveled April 2023
Fabulous trip! - brilliant countries to explore , lots of local experiences and tasty foods to share. Pavel was an amazing guide - it all ran so smoothly - thank you.
Review submitted 16 May 2023

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    Approximately 3.7 million


    Georgian lari




    Georgia Standard Time (GMT+4)




    Types C and F

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We're here to do good for people and the planet by creating positive change through the joy of travel.