UK winter tours…coming soon!

The United Kingdom is a breathtaking realm to travel to, just maybe not in March (you can blame the weather for this). If your heart’s set on exploring ancient castles and sparkling lochs, our UK tours start up again in April. But, if your travel-hungry appetite can’t wait that long, then the rest of Europe is calling your name – specifically the magical landscapes of Turkey, the traditional cuisine of Sweden, and the otherworldly Aurora Borealis in Iceland. 

Top 10 Europe tours in March 2025

Departing Days From USD
1 Mar 2025
Madrid to Marrakech
15 3920
1 Mar 2025
Spain, Portugal & Morocco
24 4820
1 Mar 2025
Barcelona to Paris
8 2360
1 Mar 2025
Barcelona to Berlin
15 4835
1 Mar 2025
Turkey Highlights
8 1950
1 Mar 2025
Barcelona to Venice
29 8005
1 Mar 2025
Finnish Lapland in Winter
8 4200
2 Mar 2025
Premium Iceland in Winter
8 5415
2 Mar 2025
Northern Lights Escape
6 2665
5 Mar 2025
Mainland Greece Discovery
8 2345
7 Mar 2025
Highlights of Scotland
8 4205
7 Mar 2025
Iceland's Classic Northern Lights
5 2770
8 Mar 2025
Croatia & Slovenia
8 2580
8 Mar 2025
Highlights of Italy in Winter
8 2995
8 Mar 2025
Paris to Berlin
8 2635
9 Mar 2025
Rome to Amalfi
8 2940
10 Mar 2025
Italy Experience
10 4903
15 Mar 2025
Real Turkey
Ages 18 to 35
15 1820
15 Mar 2025
Premium Portugal
8 4465
15 Mar 2025
Highlights of Andalucia
8 3005
15 Mar 2025
Premium Spain
11 6535
15 Mar 2025
Essential Turkey
Ages 18 to 35
10 1280
15 Mar 2025
Barcelona to Rome
15 5720
15 Mar 2025
Berlin to Venice
15 3255
15 Mar 2025
Berlin to Budapest
8 1700
15 Mar 2025
Turkey Encompassed
15 4030
15 Mar 2025
Best of Spain
15 4390
16 Mar 2025
Highlights of Central Europe
8 2880
16 Mar 2025
Six Days in Iceland
Ages 18 to 35
6 1440
16 Mar 2025
Premium Turkey in Depth
15 6460
16 Mar 2025
Premium Turkey
8 5045
17 Mar 2025
Best of Britain
12 4380
17 Mar 2025
Best of England, Wales and Scotland
19 8220
17 Mar 2025
Premium Venice to Split
9 6190
20 Mar 2025
Best of Turkey
15 2920
20 Mar 2025
Northern & Southern Ireland
8 3675
22 Mar 2025
Epic Europe: Central and Italy
Ages 18 to 35
24 4810
22 Mar 2025
Paris to Madrid by Rail
8 2940
22 Mar 2025
Real Central Europe
Ages 18 to 35
15 2450
22 Mar 2025
France, Spain & Portugal
22 7575
22 Mar 2025
Highlights of Portugal
8 2585
22 Mar 2025
France, Spain, Portugal & Morocco
31 7680
22 Mar 2025
Discover Central Europe
8 1695
24 Mar 2025
Six Days in Turkey
Ages 18 to 35
6 595
29 Mar 2025
Classic Spain
22 6705
29 Mar 2025
Best of Central Europe
15 4000
29 Mar 2025
Journey through Central Europe & Romania
24 6325
29 Mar 2025
Explore Spain & Portugal
15 4870
29 Mar 2025
Vienna to Dubrovnik
29 6920
30 Mar 2025
Premium Greece
8 3760

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From 1 January 2023, Intrepid will no longer require travelers to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (excluding all Polar trips and select adventure cruises).

However, we continue to strongly recommend that all Intrepid travelers and leaders get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.

Specific proof of testing or vaccination may still be required by your destination or airline. Please ensure you check travel and entry requirements carefully.

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The UK is small and compact with good transport links to Europe and the rest of the world. Driving gives you more freedom to explore at your own pace, but it can be expensive with the cost of renting a car and buying fuel. The next best option is public transportation – it’s also a more eco-friendly way to get around. Major towns and cities are well connected with buses and trains, but travel can be limited in more remote areas so make sure you plan in advance.

You can check train routes, times and ticket prices for your destination with the National Rail. Local bus services operate in cities, towns and most villages, but if you’re traveling long-distance you could also take a coach with companies including National Express, Stagecoach and easyBus. They may offer travel passes for multiple journeys which is ideal if you’re traveling to several destinations in England or Britain. 

One of the great things about the UK is that you’re never too far from historical ruins and ancient sites where you can delve into the past. If you want to explore medieval fortresses and castles, Wales takes top place. Wales has more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world – 600 to be precise! Scotland, England and Northern Ireland are close runners-up with some spectacular ruins and castles that are still in use today. Some of the castles we visit on our UK tours include Eilean Donan, Caernarfon Castle, Dunluce Castle and Corfe Castle.

The UK isn’t usually a top choice when searching for a beach vacation, but you might be surprised at how gorgeous some of the UK’s beaches are. From vast sweeping sands and craggy headlands to secluded bays with calm turquoise waters, there are plenty of beaches to enjoy warm summer days or go for a crisp coastal walk. Wales has a stunning coastline and pristine beaches, especially those along the Pembrokeshire Coast, such as North Tenby, Barafundle Bay and Rhossili Bay (which was voted among the most beautiful beaches in the world). Scotland boasts clear blue waters and secluded beaches on the Isle of Harris and Skye. Down in England, you’ve got magnificent beaches along the Jurassic Coast, Cornish Coast and Sussex.  

UK weather has a bit of a reputation for being unpredictable, and it's true. It rains, a lot. So it’s never a bad idea to pack an umbrella and a rain jacket at the bottom of your backpack for those unexpected showers. That being said, it hardly ever experiences hot or cold extremes. Winter tends to be cold, wet and windy, summer is mild and (sometimes) sunny, and spring and autumn are often a bit all over the place. The weather in late spring and early autumn can be lovely and mild with plenty of daylight to make the most of the days. But one thing’s for sure – people in the UK sure know how to make the most of the sunshine when it makes an appearance.


Intrepid is committed to making travel widely accessible, regardless of ability or disability. That’s why we do our best to help as many people see the world as possible, regardless of any physical or mental limitations they might have. However, we’re always happy to talk to travelers with disabilities and see if we can help guide them toward the most suitable itinerary for their needs and where possible, make reasonable adjustments to our itineraries.

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