When's the best time to visit Albany?

You're not limited to travelling in specific seasons as there's no one 'best time' to visit Albany. Instead, each month throughout the year offers great weather and plenty of activities, guaranteed to make your Western Australian holiday one to remember. 

Seasons in Albany

Spring (September-November)

Best for: walking/hiking, swimming, whale watching

Spring is another popular time to travel to Albany as the weather is starting to warm up but isn't at peak summer temperatures yet. Instead, average temperatures sit at around 18°C but can go up to the low to mid 20°Cs. Expected rainfall is also on the decline with November only recording around 44mm on average making spring one of the best seasons to enjoy Albany's natural beauty. 

Hiking, cycling, and walking are among the best things to do as the rainfall of winter and early spring bring Albany's lush scenery and national parks to life. The weather's also warm enough to enjoy heading to the beach but, as always, make sure you're taking care of your skin against the sun's UV rays. 

Summer (December-February)

Best for: swimming, visiting a wellness centre, doing a distillery tour 

Temperatures can climb quite high during the months of December, January, and February with averages expected around the low 30°Cs in the peak of summer. These weather conditions are more suited to swimming in Albany's crystal clear bays than hiking through its national parks but if you do still plan on seeing as much of Albany's natural beauty as possible then be prepared with appropriate warm weather clothing, plenty of sunscreen, and a reusable drink bottle to keep hydrated.

February is also the month that sees the least amount of expected rainfall with an average of 22.5mm so you don't have to worry about tropical storms or frequent showers. If it does rain, these showers are unlikely to last long and chances are you'll be enjoying the beautiful, sunny weather by the afternoon. 

Despite the heat, summer is the most popular time to visit Albany so make sure you book your accommodation and flights well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Autumn (March-May)

Best for: Whale spotting, walking/hiking, visiting historic buildings 

Autumn is one of the best seasons to travel to Albany in as the weather is starting to cool but rainfall isn't regularly expected until late May, making it the perfect time to enjoy spending time outside. Temperatures average a lovely high of 20°C during the day but can drop significantly at night so make sure you pack warmer clothing to avoid the cold. 

If that isn't enough to convince you to travel in Autumn, whales are known to travel Albany's coast from May onwards so keep your eyes peeled on the water for emerging fins and tails. Autumn is also considered one of the best seasons to explore Albany's Torndirrup National Park as humidity levels are relatively low and the foliage changes colour from green to a mixture of orangey-red.

Winter (June-August)

Best for: whale spotting, farmers markets, wandering around museums. 

While June, July, and August only average around 5 hours of sunshine per day, temperatures during these months are still relatively nice, making it the perfect season to travel to Albany if you want to avoid large crowds and peak season prices. Temperatures during these months can climb to 20°C+ but averages of around 16°C are more likely. These temperatures will drop at night with some days seeing temperatures as low as 8°C so if you plan on spending time outside once the sun goes down make sure you pack appropriate clothing. 

July does experience the most amount of rainfall per month with an average of 142mm, however, this rainfall usually manifests itself as a morning shower so the afternoons are often clear and cloud-free. 

Whales are still migrating down the coast during winter so it's the best time to spot the large mammals in their natural habitat. Other winter activities include shopping at farmers markets, checking out museums, and visiting the town's many historical buildings. 

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