Uncover a world of authentic, mouth-watering food.

Food brings people together. It anchors you in the present moment. That’s why years after a trip, you can still remember the taste of fresh, juicy olives in Greece, or the fragrant smell of pho simmering on the stove in Vietnam. By pairing the classic grassroots Intrepid travel style with a focus on food, you’ll get under the skin of the world's most exciting food cultures. It might be spoiling your tastebuds with flavour-filled curries in Sri Lanka, mastering the art of making soba noodles in Japan or sharing a meal with Buddhist monks in South Korea.

Created with the culinarily curious in mind, these are real, local experiences with a foodie twist: one part culture, one part adventure and three parts delicious. From bite-sized trips to gastronomic odysseys, we’ll get you munching, crunching, sipping and slurping just like the locals. Hungry?

Our Real Food Adventures

8 Days From 3417

Slurp, crunch and spoon your way into the heart of South Korean cuisine, snacking at...

12 Days From 1641

Lift the lid on local cuisine on a 12-day food adventure through Morocco, taking in...

9 Days From 2283

Take a 9-day culinary journey through Mexico, tasting the flavours of Oaxaca, Puebla,...

12 Days From 2240

Travel the breadth of Vietnam, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, experiencing Halong Bay,...

12 Days From 2579

Take a food-filled journey through Sri Lanka, spending 12 days cooking and eating in...

Tailor-Made trips

Take four or more on an exclusive trip and tailor your itinerary

8 Days From 3635

From Venice to Rome, you’ll indulge in the best things to eat in Italy, with stops in...

11 Days From 5309

Take a foodie’s adventure to Japan, starting in Tokyo and hitting the streets of...

9 Days From 3236

Meet passionate cooks and producers on a food adventure in Greece, via amazing ancient...

11 Days From 3360

Visit energetic China, where culture, history and cuisine come together to create a...

8 Days From 1308

Munch your way through Cambodia on this mouth-watering food adventure from Phnom Penh...

6 Days From 1664

Discover diverse heritage and delicious dishes on a 6-day food-focused journey through...

15 Days From 3131

Relish the sights and flavours of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Mumbai and Goa on this...

8 Days From 1773

Take an 8-day Intrepid tour to Thailand, full of adventure, fun and flavour. Explore...

8 Days From 2244

Taste your way across Georgia on an unforgettable food adventure from Tbilisi to Telavi...

11 Days From 2540

Eat your way through tantalising Turkey on a Real Food Adventure. Visit markets in...

8 Days From 3787

Feast on Portugal and Galicia on this food-focussed journey through Santiago de...

10 Days From 3319

Taste your way from Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela, through Logrono, San Sebastian...

17 Days From 7740

Discover the delicacies of Northern Spain and Portugal on this food-forward adventure,...

14 Days From 5100

Sample the cuisines of Croatia and the Balkans on an adventure from Split to Skopje,...

8 Days From 3456

Journey through Slovenia and Croatia, including Split, Bled, Zadar and Motovun, tasting...

6 Days From 2772

Taste your way through the olive oil, seafood, meats, fruits and wines of Croatia on...

13 Days From 5551

Journey through Slovenia and Croatia, visiting Split, Bled, Dubrovnik and the islands...

9 Days From 2862

Taste your way through the Balkans on a culinary adventure, stopping in Croatia,...

21 Days From 8513

Explore Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia on this Intrepid food tour, enjoying...

19 Days From 3988

Taste the true flavours of Vietnam and Cambodia, feasting on local food and catching...

14 Days From 7275

Discover the authentic flavours of Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories on...

9 Days From 4795

Discover the diverse dishes of Israel and the Palestinian Territories, tasting sabich...

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Why choose Intrepid

A camera

Real, authentic experiences

We love the highlights, but for us the real magic is found off the tourist trails. Our trips combine iconic sites with hidden gems that you’ll only discover with Intrepid. We’re talking mornings exploring the Taj Mahal, followed by a Mughlai cooking class with a passionate home cook.

A local Intrepid leader

Local expertise

Whether you’re perusing markets, hunting down the best street food bites or learning how to cook centuries-old family recipes at a homestay, there’s no better way to get the inside scoop on a destination – and its culinary traditions – than with an expert local leader by your side.

A small group of travellers

Small groups

Big coaches and flag-toting tour guides don’t cut it for us. With a maximum group size of 12, our groups blend in with the locals and have plenty of opportunities to interact with chefs, street food vendors and group leaders. It also means you can really connect with your fellow foodies.

Must-try dishes around the world

A plate of traditional Peruvian ceviche

Peru – ceviche

Ceviche is the unofficial national dish of Peru. It's made by marinating cubes of raw fish and seafood in lime juice, onions, salt and aji amarillo chilli peppers, and is served cold with sweet potato chunks, plantain chips and corn on the cob.

Paella simmering in a pan

Spain – paella

This saffron-flavoured rice dish originated in Valencia hundreds of years ago when hungry servants would combine rice with leftovers from Moorish kings' lavish banquets. The dish varies across the regions, but the mixed version with chorizo, mussels and prawns is the most popular internationally.

A Kochi-style Thali in India

India – thali

Struggling to choose just one curry? Fear not. A thali comprises several eye-popping dishes served on a large plate. The dishes typically include grains, lentils, vegetables or meat curries, chutney, raita, pickles and pappadum – creating the perfect balance of sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy flavours.

A glass of wine and Balkan cheese on a cracker

Balkans – cured meats and cheeses

When travelling through the Balkans, treat your tastebuds to delicious charcuterie boards loaded with traditionally preserved meats, cheeses, vegetables and bread. Some of the most popular Balkan meats to try include cevapi (homemade grilled sausage), njeguši (dry cured ham) and pljeskavica (Balkan burger).

A bowl of khao soi

Thailand – khao soi

There’s a whole world of Thai noodle dishes to discover beyond the obvious (and delicious!) pad thai. Khao soi is a chicken and coconut noodle soup from northern Thailand. It’s packed with vibrant aromatics and is served with crispy fried noodles, shallots and fresh lime wedges on top.

A street vendor selling falafel in Bethlehem, Isreal

Israel & Palestinian Territories – falafel

Considered to be Israel’s national dish, these balls of deliciousness (made with ground chickpeas, herbs and spices) are a must-try plant-based dish. They’re usually served on a platter or in a warm pita pocket filled with pickled vegetables, crunchy cabbage salad and generous lashings of creamy tahini sauce.

Food tour highlights

A tagine in the M'goun Valley, Morocco

Master Morocco’s medina flavours

Make your way to Morocco and enjoy a home-cooked dinner with a family in Chefchaouen, share a Berber meal at a desert camp in the Sahara, watch ras el hanout being freshly ground in a Marrakech spice souk, and eat mechoui (slow-roasted lamb) cooked in an earth oven.

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Travellers enjoying fried chicken in South Korea

Asia’s answer to Seoul food

Hit South Korea to wash down crunchy Korean Fried Chicken (aka KFC) with a glass of soju, share a traditional plant-based meal with Buddhist monks at your monastery stay, and get the inside sip on Busan’s bustling craft beer scene at a brewery.

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Travellers enjoy tarts in Portugal

Pilgrimage through the Portuguese plate

Head to Iberia to cook up a Galician feast using Vigo’s finest seafood, sip world-class wines in the spectacular Douro Valley wine region, sip Ginjinha while snacking on petiscos, and discover Portugal’s best-kept foodie secret – the Alentejo countryside.

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Traditional dinner in Kyoto, Japan

Temples to tempura, shrines to sashimi

Journey to Japan to discover the country's most delicious foodie hotspots. Feel like a real Iron Chef during an ‘Art of Sushi’ masterclass, experience the seasonal flavours of obanzai ryori at a cooking class, and enjoy the simple and delicious flavours of monastic cuisine in Koya-san.

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A street vendor selling tacos

Enjoy mouthwatering Mexican food

Get a true taste of Mexico in some of the country’s most famous culinary regions. Enjoy a tasty taco feast in Mexico City, visit a traditional mezcaleria to learn about this famous Oaxacan tipple, feast on fresh seafood at a cooking class in Huatulco and maybe sample the surprisingly delicious delicacy of chapulines (grasshoppers).

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A plate of Vietnamese spring rolls

Savour vibrant Vietnamese flavours

Chop, slice and slurp your way through Vietnam on a culinary quest from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Cook up regional dishes like cao lau noodles in Hoi An, tour Hue on a motorbike followed by a plant-based lunch at a pagoda, and feast on southern Vietnamese specialties at a Mekong Delta homestay.

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Introducing plant-based meals

Traveller reviews

Food tour FAQs

Expect to eat the local way. We didn’t call these trips ‘food adventures’ for nothing. Forget Michelin stars and 20-course degustations – our local leaders will help you get behind the scenes of a local food culture, track down the freshest street food, discover the most authentic local restaurants and reveal the traditions and techniques that make these destinations so deliciously mouth-watering. From lining up with locals for fresh tortillas in a Mexican market to hopping between Logrono’s thriving tapas bars, they’ll show you local food from the perspective of those who eat it every day.

All of our food trips have been designed with one thing in mind – experiencing the best local food on the planet. But we all know that there’s much more to food than just eating it – so whether it’s browsing markets for fresh produce, sizzling up a storm in a cooking class or meeting a local street-food legend, we’ve stuffed your plate to the brim. And once you’ve devoured all the local food you can handle, we’ve made sure our Food Adventures are rolled up into a burrito with the lot so you won’t miss out on the iconic sights and authentic cultural experiences that are found on all our Intrepid trips.

Like all Intrepid itineraries, we’ve made sure our food trips provide free time between activities, allowing you to digest a destination either with your group or on your own. You might spend the morning exploring a buzzing local market with your guide and cooking a delicious local dish with your group before heading off on your own to wander the marbled halls of a museum or cycling through ancient alleys. We’ve also left plenty of mealtimes free of organised activities, which gives you the flexibility to ‘get your gourmet on’ at a fine dining restaurant or simply seek out your own ‘real food’ adventure. Needless to say, your leader will be there every step of the way with suggestions and recommendations.

Sometimes, the best way to eat like a local is to travel like one too. That could mean jumping on a boat to discover the flavours of the Mekong Delta, riding the Tokyo subway to a sake bar or rattling along in a rickshaw in pursuit of Agra’s finest chaats. We love to use local transport because it gives us a chance to experience everyday local life from a new perspective.

Whether you’re spending the night in an ancient fortress or in the home of a local family, most of our trips include a memorable overnight stay that is designed to make your trip extra memorable. When we do choose to use hotels, all of our accommodation options are in our Original style, which means a mix of 2-3 star establishments that are safe, clean and comfortable.

We help support local economies through purchasing snacks and meals from street-side vendors, dining in local restaurants, eating seasonal produce from the destination, and using local guides throughout our itineraries. Many of our trips incorporate visits to community projects and we choose locally owned accommodation wherever possible. We are committed to a style of travel that is culturally, environmentally and socially responsible.

Plant-based foods generally have a much lower carbon footprint than animal-based foods, and incorporating more plant-based eating into our diet is a major opportunity to mitigate and adapt to climate change. As Intrepid continues to innovate in ways to reduce our impact on the environment, including a delicious meal that showcases local fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds is just one way that we are investing in the health of our planet.

We do our best on all our trips to accommodate dietary requirements (including vegan diets), and our Real Food Adventures include at least one plant-based meal. If you want a more tailored experience, that's where our Tailor-Made team can step in. We can use our 30 years of experience and regional specialists to help you create your perfect vegan food adventure.

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