It’s a powerful idea, the notion that as a traveller you can be a force for change. Real tangible positive change on a global scale. But you can, and it’s a lot easier than you might think. 

Achieve change. Step by step

This year we’re running a number of fundraising trips on behalf of The Intrepid Foundation, a not-for-profit company assisting NGOs with some fantastic initiatives. The money you raise for these trips will directly finance The Intrepid Foundation projects all over the world, from underprivileged villagers along the Kokoda Track to remote communities in the Nepalese Himalayas. You’ll visit some of these projects in the flesh and see first hand the lives your money has helped improve.

All you have to do is book a trip and begin your fundraising campaign. How you do this is up to you, but we’ve got some info below to get you started.

What are the fundraising trips in 2016?

We’ve chosen three trips this year to inspire your fundraising efforts: the Kilimanjaro climb, an Everest Base Camp trek and the Kokoda Trail. The Intrepid Foundation supports a number of organisations in each of these regions, and the funds you raise will be going straight to those that need it most. 

But don’t feel restricted in your fundraising: if you feel like that the Intrepid Foundation is supporting a different organisation, and you’d prefer to support them instead, you’re more than welcome.

Key organisations to support:

The Kokoda track foundation

Namaste Nepal Appeal

Village Education Project Kilimanjaro

Please complete details below:

About The Intrepid Foundation

Intrepid founder Geoff Manchester and Darrell Wade created The Intrepid Foundation in 2002.  The Intrepid Foundation works with a number of grassroots organisations and NGO’s that make an invaluable contribution to local communities. Since its small beginnings in 2002, the foundation has raised over $3.8 million for these organisations. The Intrepid Foundation is how we, as travellers, help give back to the places we visit. It’s about making each and every traveller a force for positive change.  Intrepid Travel matches all donations to the foundation dollar for dollar, up to AU$5,000 per donor and a total of AU$400,000 annually.  We guarantee that 100% of your donations will reach your nominated project as Intrepid Travel covers all administration costs.


Fundraising Goals

$1,500 AUD per passenger
A little fundraising inspiration

You can raise funds any way you wish, but if you need a little inspiration, we’re here to help. Perhaps start a social campaign, go door to door, or sell tickets in a meat tray. You could run a film night, host a party, begin a Kickstarter campaign or create your own boot camp (it’ll be good training for the trek too). Really, the only limit is your imagination. The goal is to raise the funds, but it’s just as important to get people talking about these organisations and understanding what The Intrepid Foundation is all about.

Be Social: Tweet/Instagram/Blog #TIFchallengetrips

If you’re going to do something worth talking about, you may as well shout it loud and proud. We want to hear all about your fundraising campaign, how the training is going, and how close you are to your goals.

Get competitive! Inspire other travellers with how much you’ve raised, how far you’ve walked and how many crunches you’ve done (we don’t mind if you exaggerate the crunches).



Once you are committed to the trip, we will set you up with a fundraising platform on The Intrepid Foundation website where you will have an individual link for your fundraising.

• For those doing the Kokoda Trail – your money will go towards The Kokoda track foundation: Aid post at Isurava

• Everest Base Camp - Namaste Nepal

• Kilimanjaro Trek - Village Education Project Kilimanjaro

You will, don’t worry. But if you are cutting it close don’t stress, we are always here to support you in your fundraising endeavours.  Have a look through the various suggested fundraising options; call on friends and family to help you hit your target.  The worst case scenario is that we will extend the time you have fundraise. Don’t worry, we won’t drive off in the bus and leave you sitting on the sidewalk.  Our aim is to ensure that you have the best travel experience possible, the fundraising goal has been set so that we can provide the project with an indicative amount for them to build on.

Unless you are an experienced mountaineer, yes.  You will be hiking up a mountain and they tend to be quite large. Remember, you’re the only one that can get you to the end.

This will depend which trip you choose to do. Please refer to the FAQ’s on each particular trip page.

Donations are not tax deductable unfortunately.  The Intrepid foundation supports grass roots organisations that are not recognised as international charities and as such we cannot offer tax-deductibility on them.

The bonus however is that the Intrepid Group matches all donations dollar for dollar up to $1,000 AUD per individual donor.

The cost of each trip varies depending which one you choose as do the flights to get to your destination.  On top of this there will be taxes, tips, spending money, travel insurance etc.  See your chosen trip page for a detailed summary of costs and how much to allow for each day. 

Preferably months before you leave so that you can build on the amount that you will be giving the project, but hopefully you will have reached your target by departure time.



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