Is Kenya LGBTQIA+ friendly?

LGBTQIA+ travelers who want to visit Kenya should exercise caution and avoid engaging in public displays of affection. That said, even public displays of affection for hetero couples can raise eyebrows.

Homosexuality is still illegal in Kenya and can be punishable by prison time. The criminalization of same-sex relationships was acquired from Britain before Kenya was granted independence in 1963 and has not been reviewed since.

Kenyan society is largely conservative and identifying as LGBTQIA+ is often considered to be a taboo. There are also no laws to protect LGBTQIA+ people against discrimination.

LGBTQIA+ travel in Kenya

Same-sex couples can usually book a room with a double bed without being questioned, particularly when staying at safari hotels and lodges, and globally recognized hotel chains.

The LGBTQIA+ culture scene in Kenya's major cities isn't as established as big cities in the West, but there's a growing number of gay bars and events across the country.

Many hotels, lodges and public sites have private or all-gender bathrooms, but there may be occasions where the only option is to use a gendered bathroom.

We recommend that LGBTQIA+ travelers refer to your government’s foreign travel advisories. Equaldex and ILGA are other useful resources.

Solo travel and room sharing

If you’re traveling solo on an Intrepid trip, you’ll share accommodation with a traveler of the same gender as per your passport information.

If you don’t identify with the gender assigned to your passport, please let us know when you book your trip and we’ll arrange the rooming accordingly.

Most of our trips also have the option to book your own room if you don’t wish to share a room.

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