Ditch the crackers and pack your appetite, we can give you a Real Food Adventures – vegan style.

Whether you eat a vegan diet – or just want to test the waters – we’re here to help you navigate new delicious food experiences on your next adventure. We’ve got insider tips on where to find the best vegan eats, unique activities (vegan-friendly cooking classes, anyone?) and authentic travel experiences so you can sit back and enjoy with like-minded travellers. Needless to say, we’re excited… and hungry.  

Create your own Vegan Food Adventure

Wherever you’re looking to find a vegan adventure, our team of Tailor-Made specialists are here to help. With over 30 years experience and regional expertise, they can help design your perfect vegan food adventure today.

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Our Vegan Food Adventures

Tailor-Made trips

Take two or more on an exclusive trip and tailor your itinerary


travellers enjoy vegan street food in India

Feast on vegan delights in Dehli

India’s capital sure packs a culinary punch. Munch on vegan samosas and paratha (Indian flatbread) and more as you navigate its winding streets. Finish up your day tasting the delicious offerings at the local Langar (community kitchen).

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Home-cooked vegan feast, Tuscany

Discover vegan living in Tuscany

Stay in a unique all-vegan villa in the Tuscan hills complete with panoramic views of the rolling countryside. True to the ethos of this off-beat gem, the furniture is crafted by hand and made by locally-sourced chalk, clay, hemp and linen. During your visit, you’ll enjoy a delicious organic farm-to-table vegan feast.

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Vegan cooking class in India

Learn the secrets of Rajasthani cuisine

Learn the nuances of Rajasthani cuisine on a guided tour through some of Jaipur’s many markets. Pick up vegetables, grains and spices that you’ll later put to good use at a cooking class at a haveli (mansion). Relax, sit back and enjoy your own authentic vegan Rajasthani fare.

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Why choose Intrepid

Local expertise

We've teamed up with our expert local leaders to create a bespoke range of vegan-friendly tours. Whether it’s tracking down the best lentil fritters in Jaipur or Pad Thai in Bangkok, they know just the place to find your next foodie hit.

Real life experiences

We love the highlights, but for us the real magic is found off the beaten path. We’re talking authentic cooking classes with local chefs, shopping at markets and other hidden gems you’ll only discover with Intrepid.

small groups icon

Small groups

Big coach buses and flag-toting tour guides just aren’t for us. With a maximum group size of 12, our groups are able travel under the radar and visit spots many big tour groups can’t. It also means we can accommodate dietary requirements, and build this range of vegan-friendly itineraries in the first place.

Responsible travel

While you don’t have to be vegan to join these trips, there’s a good chance your heart is in the same place. On these trips you’ll be travelling responsibly: eating, sleeping and getting around locally and respecting animal welfare. We’ll also carbon offset your trip on your behalf.


Like the other trips in our Real Food Adventures range, these vegan-focused trips are designed to showcase the best local food experiences. The difference is that these itineraries are catered to the vegan diet.

We understand some travellers may choose to practice veganism in every aspect of their lives, but while we can guarantee that the food on the itinerary will be vegan, we are unable to guarantee other aspects, like accommodation and transport, will also be vegan (for instance, sitting on a local bus that has leather seats).

Animal product-free options will be available for all included meals and we will make efforts to accommodate other dietary requirements. When it comes to our travellers’ personal definition of veganism (e.g. only eating plant-based, not eating honey), we will do our best to accommodate these requirements as well.

You’ll be travelling in countries where veganism may be new to the local people, and efforts to prevent cross-contamination may not be as diligent as in your home country. We make best efforts to ensure that meals are prepared in an environment free from cross-contamination, and your local leader will be there to translate when needed.

While a lot of research has gone into this trip, these are brand new itineraries so a few bumps along the way can be expected. This of course can make things more interesting, if you approach the adventure with flexibility and an open mind. If you’re concerned, however, we recommend waiting and joining the trip next year when the kinks have been ironed out.

You’ll be with a local leader for the entire duration of your trip. So even when you’re enjoying your free time or a meal is not included, they’ll be able to provide you with suggestions and advise you on what to know.

We understand it’s important to have the expertise of someone who not only knows the destination but also what it means to eat a vegan diet. That’s why we aim to provide you with a local leader who is vegan – or at least a practicing vegetarian – who really gets and appreciates the nuances of veganism. Regardless, your local leader will be eating vegan along with you during the trip.

We know you want to experience everything a destination has to offer, so we built our Vegan Food Adventures based off of our existing itineraries – just with the vegan traveller in mind. On these trips, you’ll enjoy vegan cooking classes, market visits, plus hitting the highlights of a destination. And like any Intrepid Travel trip, you’ll be doing so locally and responsibly.

Of course! Anyone who has an interest in local vegan cuisine is welcome on our Vegan Food Adventures.

We do our best on all our trips, including our Real Food Adventures, to accommodate dietary requirements, including veganism. Our Vegan Food Adventures are simply catered to the vegan diet specifically, so travellers wanting to experience exclusively vegan food can do so with other vegan (or vegan-curious) travellers.   

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