Don't just appreciate Canada from afar, get out and explore it this May Long weekend. 

You might be used to sitting down to watch a parade on tv or cooking up a feast fit for the Queen herself over the Victoria Day long weekend but have you ever considered traveling? One of the best ways to celebrate Canada and all its glory is to venture out and see it with your own eyes. Whether you fancy journeying through extraordinary scenery in the Canadian Rockies (think snowcapped mountains and luscious forests), walking the dramatic coastline in Newfoundland, or soaking up culture in the bustling city of Vancouver, embrace the start of the summer season by experiencing new things, meeting new people, and making some unforgettable memories you're going to cherish for years to come. Get out there and enjoy May Two-Four; right here, right now!

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Things to do on Victoria Day

A group of travellers standing with their bikes at Edith Lake in Jasper National Park on a sunny day.

Cycle the Canadian Rockies

Forget walking on two feet, cycling your way through the Canadian Rockies is the best way to see as much of this spectacular landscape as you can. From the snow-dusted peaks of the mountain ranges in Banff National Park to the mesmerizing colors of Lake Louise as it glitters in the sun, this unforgettable scenery is guaranteed to stop you in your tracks. 

A ferry cruising in Horseshoe Bay along the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.

Cruise the Sunshine Coast

Accessed only by ferry is British Columbia’s jaw-dropping Sunshine Coast with its perfectly picturesque seaside towns and rich wilderness waiting to be explored. Get the most of this region’s cloudless days by taking a scenic ride on several ferries along the coast and watch on as extraordinary vista after extraordinary vista unfurls before you. 

Native elk chewing on some grass in Jasper National Park

Spot wildlife in some epic national parks

It turns out that Canada wasn’t only blessed with incredible landscapes but also with some pretty magnificent animals that get to roam and inhabit them. Whether it’s seeking out native elk in the evergreen pine and spruce forests of the jaw-dropping Jasper National Park or searching for puffins at Elliston’s renowned viewing site, Canada has plenty of wildlife to spot, stare at, and take photos of. 

Colorful houses in the fishing town of St Johns, Newfoundland on a clear, sunny day.

Explore quaint and colorful villages

While Canada is known to have some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the world this diverse country also boasts some of the best villages full of rich history and rustic charm. From the colorful houses in Newfoundland’s small fishing villages to the stunning ski town of Whistler, it’s not only easy to embrace these villages’ endearing atmosphere but also fall in love with them too. 

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