How much does a cruise to Antarctica cost?

The cost of embarking on a cruise to Antarctica can vary depending on the departure date, how long the cruise goes for, and the type of cabin you book on the ship with most cruises starting at around AUD$7,000 and going all the way up to AUD$17,000 - for a cruise lasting 21 days. This heavy price tag is due to the remoteness of Antarctica and how difficult it is to get there, as well as the limited supply of tour operators able to facilitate expeditions to the area. 

Cabin costs

Once you've decided which cruise you want to do, you've now got to choose the cabin you want to spend your time in aboard the Ocean Endeavour. Whether you go for a standard cabin or something a little more premium, the cabin you decide on (and what category it falls under) will go a long way in dictating the cost of your cruise. 

For reference, the higher the number, the more premium the cabin with category 1 representing a basic cabin and category 10 being the most expensive cabin you can choose. 

Additional price factors 

The price of a trip to Antarctica doesn't start and end with the price of the actual cruise itself. When calculating the total price, you need to factor in things such as flights (most expeditions to Antarctica depart from Ushuaia in Argentina), accommodation pre and post-cruise (if you want to explore more of your South American surroundings), optional activities such as kayaking and snowshoeing, and appropriate cold weather gear needed for the trip. 

What's included in the price? 

Intrepid offers Antarctica cruises that include the following: 

  • meals 
  • transport 
  • accommodation (including 1 night in the pre-departure location)

The Ocean Endeavour also features a gym, a polar library, a bar (staffed by a professional bartender), a boutique selling essential polar items, and a pool. There's also wifi and an onboard laundry service for those that wish to pay a little extra for some creature comforts from home. All cabins feature a private bathroom and flatscreen TV and can feature a refrigerator, windows, and separate seating areas with a sofa depending on the cabin category. 

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