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We’re delighted to annouce that one of our most well-liked and well-respected tour guides, Dheeraj ‘Monty’ Bhatt, was presented with an Outstanding Contribution Award at the Wanderlust World Guide awards on Tuesday. 

Monty was chosen from hundreds of guides by a judging panel including Wanderlust's Lynn Hughes, legendary travel writer Bill Bryson, conservationist Mark Carwardine and a number of travel experts at London's Royal Geographical Society on October 13. This was the 10th anniversary of the awards, and Monty has been nominated every single year, so a massive congratulations to him. Another of our guides, Asanga Bandara Rajapakse, who guides for Intrepid Travel in Sri Lanka, was also highly commended, so congratulations to Asanga also.

We'd like to thank all of Monty's previous passengers, travel agents and industry partners who joined us for a memorable night.

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