In the far-flung volcanic islands of Indonesia, it’s all about uncharted adventure.

When people think of vacationing in Indonesia, Bali often comes to mind. But delve beyond this famous holiday spot and you’ll find a fantastically diverse archipelago, made up of more than 17,000 volcanic and jungle-clad islands. A stunning variety of cultures, languages, food, wildlife and landscapes entice visitors ashore, while its clear waters contain more than 20% of the world’s coral reefs – as well as a shipwreck or two. Get the sand between your toes on the unspoiled beaches of Banta Island, set eyes on the impressive crater lake at Satonda Island and check out Komodo dragons in their natural element.

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Highlights of Indonesia

Komodo dragons in Rinca island of Indonesia

Come face-to-face with Komodo dragons

At the centre of the Indonesian isles is one of the few remaining places where you can see Komodo dragons in the wild – Komodo National Park. While the park is spread over three major islands (and numerous smaller ones), Rinca Island provides a prime setting to spot these fascinating dinosaur-like creatures.

Indonen Satonda island landscape

Take a dip in Satonda Island’s crater lake

Take an ancient volcano, flood it with water and there you have Santonda Island, one of Indonesia’s stunning hidden gems. Lush forested hills surround an impressive crater lake that covers most of the island. Whether you opt to cool off in the lake or climb to a hilltop lookout, just be sure to bring your camera.

Explore Bali’s less-visited neighbour

Boasting many of Bali’s natural spoils but with the volumed turned down, Lombok is known for its beautiful beaches, lush forests, waterfalls and traditional Sasak villages. After snorkelling among reef teaming with fish and turtles, hike the foothills of Mt Rinjani to gorgeous waterfalls and jungle-clad hills. For a taste of rural life, tour rice paddies and traditional villages.

Excursions and experiences

  • Go searching for Komodo dragons, monkeys and other fascinating wildlife with local rangers on Rinca Island.
  • Experience rural life in Lombok – after learning how local weavers continue to make traditional sarongs, hike through verdant rice paddies.
  • Head to the naturally stunning Satonda Island to take a dip in its crater lake.
  • Drop anchor at Moyo Island for a taste of secluded island life – tour a local village before cooling off at Diwe Mbai waterfall at this hard-to-access spot.
  • Make the most of incredible snorkelling opportunities and explore coral reefs teeming with tropical fish and turtles using onboard snorkel gear.

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