Sunshades are up and sangria is in hand, it’s summer in Europe

Little rainfall and a daily average of 10 hours of sunshine mean there’s plenty of time to lounge on the beach, endeavour through a cultural epicentre and eat a locally made meal while watching the sunset over the horizon. Lively cities in Portugal, Poland and France celebrate their people, music and more with a display of lively festivities and events in June. You’ll find yourself amid a hum of traveller activity in cities like Venice and popular islands like Santorini as peak season brings in plenty of enthusiasm for exploration.

Top 10 Europe tours June 2024

Departing Days From ZAR
1 Jun 2024
Baltic Experience
12 53400
1 Jun 2024
Budapest to Bucharest
10 41195
1 Jun 2024
Balkan & Dalmatia Discovery
22 76230
1 Jun 2024
Dubrovnik to Santorini
22 96585
1 Jun 2024
Sail Greece: Santorini to Mykonos
8 29712
1 Jun 2024
Croatia and Montenegro Sailing Adventure
15 67810
1 Jun 2024
Greece Sailing Adventure: Kefalonia to Corfu
8 36002
1 Jun 2024
Premium Iceland
9 120925
1 Jun 2024
Dubrovnik to Athens
15 65060
1 Jun 2024
Western Balkans Uncovered
12 58495
1 Jun 2024
Balkan Adventure
15 50710
1 Jun 2024
Premium Spain & Portugal
18 138640
1 Jun 2024
Highlights of Andalucia
8 47185
1 Jun 2024
Premium Spain
11 109775
1 Jun 2024
Explore Croatia
8 39735
1 Jun 2024
Croatia & Slovenia
8 42530
1 Jun 2024
Highlights of Dalmatia
13 53015
1 Jun 2024
Dubrovnik to Bled
15 65670
1 Jun 2024
Scandinavia Explorer
15 102405
1 Jun 2024
Cycle the Loire Valley
7 46155
1 Jun 2024
Northern Norway Explorer
9 77485
1 Jun 2024
Budapest to Bled
29 108215
1 Jun 2024
Introduction to Spitsbergen
10 161750
1 Jun 2024
Spain, Portugal & Morocco
24 75685
1 Jun 2024
Berlin to Venice
15 44440
1 Jun 2024
Eastern Europe Explorer
18 58070
1 Jun 2024
Turkey Encompassed
15 52465
1 Jun 2024
Cycle the Danube
8 36155
1 Jun 2024
Sardinia & Corsica Sailing Adventure
8 38457
1 Jun 2024
Cycle Tuscany
8 41700
1 Jun 2024
Journey through Central Europe & Romania
24 77775
1 Jun 2024
Montenegro Sailing Adventure from Dubrovnik
8 36502
1 Jun 2024
Turkey Real Food Adventure
11 37100
1 Jun 2024
Berlin to Rome
22 67640
1 Jun 2024
Premium Portugal and Spain in Depth
27 208705
1 Jun 2024
Discover Turkey and Northern Cyprus
15 58100
1 Jun 2024
Croatia Sailing Adventure: Split to Dubrovnik
8 36737
1 Jun 2024
Essential Southern Balkans
Ages 18 to 29
9 26380
1 Jun 2024
Essential Turkey
Ages 18 to 29
11 19450
1 Jun 2024
Real Turkey
Ages 18 to 29
15 28150
1 Jun 2024
Cappadocia Short Break
4 7283
1 Jun 2024
Kosovo, Albania & Macedonia Explorer
15 49750
1 Jun 2024
Walk the highlights of the Lycian Way
8 21975
1 Jun 2024
Best of Central Europe
15 65865
1 Jun 2024
Madrid to Marrakech
15 59195
1 Jun 2024
Premium Portugal
8 72865
1 Jun 2024
Explore Spain & Portugal
15 76415
1 Jun 2024
Classic Spain & Portugal
22 109635
1 Jun 2024
Taste of Istanbul
3 9335
1 Jun 2024
Highlights of Italy
8 34265

Highlights of June 2024 tours

Sitting at the ruins of ancient Ephesus, Turkey

Turkey round tour

Experience every type of summer fun to be had on a grand tour through Turkey. From the sprawling cities to the natural wonders hidden in the mountains, be awed by the beauty of Turkey and inspired to discover more. Our Turkey experience will carry you on a round trip starting and finishing in Istanbul, with Cappadocia, Antalya, Selcuk and more on the way.

Sailing through Galileo, Greece

Grecian summer sailing

Sail the summer away on a yacht tour through the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. Enjoy life in the rural villages across the southern regions of Greece while dipping your toes in the water and sampling the fresh land and sea fare. When docked at larger islands, find your way around the cathedrals, museums and shops selling locally made wares.  

Viking boat in Sognefjord, Norway

Midnight sun in Norway

Have Norway take your breath away on an adventure through its fishing villages, sprawling Viking country and dramatic fjords in a Northern Norway adventure. Learn about the rich history of this northern European country while breathing in the fresh mountain air and experiencing the midnight sun phenomenon. Be inspired by the modern capital, Oslo and entertained by the country’s native fauna.

Triglav Canyon Vintgar River, Slovenia

Adventures in Slovenia

Longing for some adventurous travel? Slovenia’s summer trips will have you hiking, riding, rafting, caving and canoeing as you take in the stunning vista. You’ll be met with castles, waterfalls, glacial lakes and alpine surroundings. Enjoy the local delicacy, Bled cream cake when in need of some sugary sustenance. This Slovenian expedition is perfect for active travellers and thrill seekers.

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