8 things you probably don’t know about sailing in Croatia

written by Nicola Donovan March 6, 2018
Aerial view of a sailing ship in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia has inevitably gained a place on every traveller’s bucket list, and for good reason. Home to idyllic coastlines, UNESCO World Heritage sites and medieval towns, this country has a flavour to satisfy everyone’s taste. 

Cruising around the Adriatic Sea while hopping between islands is one of the best ways to explore the Balkan beauty. Here are 8 things to keep in mind before you board your Croatia sailing adventure:

1. Beware of seasickness 

Boats docked in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Photo by Phant, Shutterstock

When you’re first finding your sea legs, it’s handy to have some medication packed to help minimise the dizziness and nausea that can sneak up on you. The constant movement onboard can be enough to turn any sailor green until they have adjusted to life on the waves. Chat to your doctor before you depart to find the right solution for you.

If you’d prefer a more natural remedy, simply taking in fresh air and keeping your mind occupied are the best ways to prevent the effects of seasickness. Take deep breathes, keep hydrated and you should soon adapt to the motion of the ocean.


2. The weather can be unpredictable

During boating season, the climate is close to perfect, however Mother Nature can still be erratic, which may cause last-minute itinerary changes if the weather becomes too unfavourable. But as the captains know all the best spots, you’re in more-than-capable hands if you need to take a detour.

Also, remember to stay sun smart. The Croatian rays can be extremely strong and the country has enough seafood already without you turning into a lobster.

3. It’ll be busy (but we’ll help you escape the crowds)

Three travellers in Dubrovnik

Photo by Pippa Whishaw

With boats only departing between April and September, this time of the year can be really busy – especially in major cities like Dubrovnik and Split. Luckily, the smaller port towns are more relaxed, so you shouldn’t have to queue too long for your lemon gelato.


4. Water shoes aren’t a bad idea 

As stunning as the national parks, beaches and waterfronts are, they are also home to sea urchins, sharp pebbles and slippery rocks. Water or reef shoes will come in handy while exploring the Croatian coastline, where swimming in crystal clear waters and strolling along the beach is a daily activity.

5. Be prepared to exercise

While on holidays, exercising is probably the furthest thing from your mind. However, Croatia is a pretty mountainous country and some of the best views can only be reached by climbing a significant amount of stairs, or cycling a fair distance. Don’t be discouraged though – the stunning, coastal vistas are definitely worth the extra sweat.


6. Photos don’t do Croatia’s natural beauty justice

Aerial view of Mljet, Croatia

Photo by OPIS Zagreb, Shutterstock

You may already be expecting to feast your eyes on Croatian gems every time your boat pulls into a new port, but no amount of pictures or written clichés can prepare you for just how beautiful the country really is. Back up photos of any previous travels because you’ll need a blank memory card to capture all of Croatia’s charm.

7. It’s highly likely you’ll dress up as a pirate 

It’s unavoidable. At some point in your trip a pirate party will occur. But don’t stress if you didn’t come prepared – there are many shops selling striped, novelty items that will place you in the running for best dressed.


8. Your group will become like family

Two travellers take a selfie on the boat

Photo by Pippa Whishaw

Sleeping in confined spaces, eating every meal together… get ready to know your boat buddies extremely well. But the best part about sailing with a bunch of strangers? You’ll make lifelong friends.

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Feature image by Miha Travnik, Shutterstock. 

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