What's Inverness weather like?

Inverness is considered to have a moderate sea climate meaning cold and often freezing temperatures in winter, moderate to warm temperatures in summer, and rainfall during every month of the year. While temperatures are unlikely to reach extremely high levels (30°C+), it's always important to check Inverness weather conditions in case it interferes with your travel plans. 

Having said that, the warmest months of the year are June and July, with each month averaging a high temperature of 17°C. This means that if you're traveling during the summer months, you're likely to experience nice weather that isn't too hot or cold, although temperatures can drop at night so you should always pack a cardigan or light jumper to keep you warm. The months of May and June also receive the most hours of sunlight throughout the year, with each month expecting 5 hours per day. 

Temperatures in winter can be quite low, especially at night and in the early mornings, however, it's more likely that temperatures will stay around 5°C. 

How much rainfall does Inverness experience?

Inverness sees more rainy days than dry ones with December and January being the wettest months of the year, each with 22 days of rainfall on average. These months are closely followed by March, October, and November, all with 21 days. During these wet months, it's common for Inverness to receive around 2-4 inches of rain and minimal hours of sunlight.

Is there snow in Inverness?

While it can snow in Inverness, it's not super common so don't plan your holiday in winter expecting to see everything covered in white. If you did want to see some snow, traveling to higher ground and surrounding hills/mountain ranges is your best bet as there will often be snow coverage on the peaks. 

Snowfall can be expected from December and can continue to fall throughout February with January being the month with the highest chance of receiving snow. In winter, the days are also shorter with sunlight only expected from 8am to 4pm so keep that in mind if you're keen on going hiking or undertaking other outside activities. 

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