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So, you want to write for The Good Times? Great!

We’re always eager to hear from travellers who are interested in sharing their travel tales and passion for the good life. We regularly work with journalists, freelance writers and Intrepid travellers to capture the joy of travel and how it shapes us and our world. 

What we’re looking for

We publish stories for Intrepid travellers – sometimes those stories are about our trips, but other times they're about travel in general. Sometimes they include practical advice for those looking to book their next adventure, and sometimes they just inspire us and remind us why we like to go places, meet people and try new things. Take a look at our story types to learn more about what we're looking for. 

Good Stories

These are usually first-person stories from travellers, so if you've been on an Intrepid trip and want to share your story, this is where to start! We're not interested in travelogues or itinerary recaps, but instead like to hear about how travel changed you or your perspective, or the moments that made an impact along the way. These stories should have a strong narrative arc and utilise creative non-fiction techniques to show not tell.


After surviving cancer, my trip to India made me feel like me again 

Travelling without my kids showed me the pain of leaving and the joy of going

In sickness and in health: How I ended up getting married on an Intrepid Iceland trip

Meet the 66-year-old Black solo traveller with 70 countries under her belt

What I learned about myself trekking to Machu Picchu on the Choquequirao Trail

Good Trips

These stories might capture your experience on a trip in a particular destination, or may round up some useful travel tips and advice that you wish you'd known before you went. We love hearing from travel-minded folks who live in a far-flung destination to provide local insight to a place many of us can only dream of visiting. 


How to connect with Costa Rica's indigenous Terraba community on your travels 

Wild encounters on a trek through the Sumatran jungle 

How to hike, bike and camel-ride your way off Morocco's beaten path 

9 ways to make meaningful cultural connections through food in 2023 

Good Life

These stories go beyond our trips to really dive into what it means to be an Intrepid traveller, including travel tips that inspire an adventurous lifestyle and help us make the most of our journeys. These ones capture the traveller ethos and why we travel while capturing the little moments that many travellers relate to.


8 types of traveller you'll meet on a group trip 

Why group trips are the perfect way to build your travel confidence 

How to advocate for yourself on a trip as a plus-size traveller 

How to make friends on a group trip (from someone who's done it before)

Good Ideas

We don’t shy away from taking a stance on issues important to us, like the climate, wildlife, social justice and inclusivity. Our opinions are always related to the kind of travel we do and the communities we live in and visit, but if your travels have sparked your own call to action, we want to amplify your voice.


Women to the front: Morocco's new generation of trailblazing women 

Navigating history, culture and power through travel: reflections on Intrepid's Gullah Geechee heritage trip 

Making space: how the travel community can be more inclusive towards plus-size travellers

Coffee for a cause: Why you should visit this tucked-away cafe in Peru

What’s in it for you?

This is an awesome opportunity to get your words published by a global travel brand (talk about bragging rights!). If your piece is published, it’ll be accompanied by your byline, a headshot and bio. Oh, and we’ll pay you for it too.

A few things to think about before you pitch

  • Make sure we travel to the destination you want to write about.

  • Have a look at The Good Times to double check your idea hasn’t already been covered.

  • Intrepid are leaders in responsible, small group travel, so content on The Good Times should tie in with that concept and certainly not conflict with it.

  • Please complete the form below to pitch your idea/s to our editors (please don’t submit finished articles – we’d hate for you to waste your time writing something we may not publish).

  • We want authentic, original writing. We’re looking for articles with personality and real, first-hand knowledge of a destination.

  • Photos are key! Let us know if you have photos to complement your story. Horizontal images are preferred, at least 2000 px wide.

  • We can’t accept anything that’s already been published online (including your personal blog).

  • If our editors think your idea’s a good one, and your writing style fits with ours, they’ll be in touch with more details regarding contributor guidelines and payment information.

  • We receive a LOT of pitches from travellers and writers every day, so please be patient, and don’t be disappointed if we decide not to follow through on your idea.

Next steps

Have a great idea? Simply complete the form below to submit your pitch to our editors. Please note that because of the volume of submissions we receive, our team of editors can only contact successful submissions.