What is the weather like in Samoa?

Like other island nations in the South Pacific, Samoa has a tropical climate and experiences two distinct seasons: a wet season from November to April and a dry season from May to October. The weather is balmy all year round with average temperatures that range from 22°C to 31°C. There is a slight increase in heat and humidity during the wet season, as well as a risk of tropical cyclones and typhoons. It's also not uncommon for flooding to occur after heavy rain, particularly in and around the capital city of Apia. The water temperature doesn't fluctuate much, with average temperatures lingering between a pleasant 27°C to 29°C throughout the year.

When is the best time of year to visit Samoa?

The dry season from May to October is generally considered to be the best time of year to visit Samoa. However, if optimal weather with clear skies and plenty of sunshine is what you’re looking for, plan your trip between June and September. This is when when you can experience the islands at their very best, and you won’t need to worry about taking cover during a downpour. Lower rainfall also means there will be less run-off going into the water, so the visibility in these months is generally very good for snorkelling. That said, Samoa's dry season coincides with the peak tourist season, so you can expect higher prices, more people on the beach and longer queues at all the top tourist spots – although Samoa never feels too overcrowded. If you're looking for a quieter getaway, you might be better off travelling in the shoulder months from May to October when things are still heating up (or cooling down!).

For small crowds

Travelling in the wet season (November to April) isn't off the cards, but you'll need to be prepared for higher temperatures, humidity and rainfall – and maybe the occasional cyclone or typhoon. If you don’t mind hotter, stickier weather and getting caught in the rain a few times, the off-season can be a great time to enjoy an even more peaceful Samoa. The quietest months are February and March when the heaviest rainfall occurs, but you can also expect better deals on hotels and tourist activities. You should also note there is another mini-peak season from mid-December to mid-January when Samoans who live overseas return home for the holidays, and travellers from Australia and New Zealand flock to Samoa for a summer break during the school holidays.

For waterfalls

One of Samoa’s biggest draws is its abundant waterfalls. If you want to see them in their full glory, it’s best to plan your trip in the wet season when the cascades are at their most powerful. There will also be plenty of water in the surrounding pools to go swimming, but always follow local advice and avoid waterfalls during extremely heavy rain. April is an ideal time to visit as the water levels are still high, but you’ll also be right on the cusp of the dry season.

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