Europe, we get it. You’re good at stuff. You’re good at art and wine, beaches and mountains. You have some rather lovely buildings and you make a mean spaghetti carbonara. Unsurprisingly, you’re also great at festivals, many of which revolve around food – tomatoes and cheese, gelato and white truffles – and we’re not complaining. Whether you’re here for the beer, the cheer or you just want to visit Dracula’s castle on the eve of Halloween, we’re your entry to the Old Continent’s best celebrations. And when December rolls 'round, there’s no more festive place to be than a snowy German Christmas Market. Fact.

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In Bucharest, Sighisoara, Brasov and Cluj Napoca, get beneath the history, mythology...

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Popular festivals in Europe 

While we don't have trips that centre around each of the festivals below, we do offer trips that run through these cultural celebrations so you'll still get a chance to experience some of the best festivals in Europe. 

A man in traditional dress wearing a creepy mask in Romania

Halloween, Transylvania

Multiple countries celebrate the spooky traditions of Halloween, but none do it better than Romania – the birthplace of Count Dracula. Listen to mythical legends about werewolves, vampires, and curses you can’t get rid of while visiting haunted castles steeped in centuries of eerie history and join your fellow travellers for a spine-tingling Halloween party like no other. 

Festival tips 

  • Pack a scary costume for the Halloween party to get into the spirit of this spooky holiday
  • It can get quite cold in Romania during this time of year so make sure to pack warm clothes, especially for nighttime activities 

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A traditional, beautifully lit Christmas market in Vienna at twilight

Christmas markets, Europe

No one does Christmas quite like the Europeans so when time continues to tick closer to December 25th, there’s no better place to be than exploring the festive stalls of Central Europe’s Christmas markets. From listening to traditional songs in Munich and looking over trinkets in Vienna to sipping on forralt bor (boiled wine) in Budapest, you’ll be wrapped up in the magic of the silly season in no time.

Festival tips

  • The Christmas markets you visit can get very busy so please be aware of your belongings as you move through them
  • It’s winter in Europe during the Christmas season so pack plenty of warm clothing to avoid being cold when spending long periods of time outside

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ANZAC memorial in Gallipoli on a sunny day

ANZAC day service, Turkey

Marking the day Allied troops from Australia and New Zealand landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in April during World War 1, the ANZAC day dawn service allows each attendee the time to pay their respects to the soldiers who fought and reflect on their greatest sacrifice for their country. Wander ANZAC Cove, walk through the trenches and listen to tales of bravery and camaraderie as part of this unique commemoration.

Festival tips

  • You may not get much sleep the night before the dawn service, so it’s imperative you feel well-rested before joining the trip
  • It also gets extremely cold in Turkey in April so pack plenty of warm clothing, especially for nighttime activities 

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A girl's shoes covered in tomato juice as part of La Tomatina, Spain

La Tomatina, Spain

With origins dating back to 1945, La Tomatina is a tomato-throwing festival (yes, you read that right) with approximately 20,000 people joining the crazy and memorable food fight every year in Bunol, Spain. Participate in this crazy celebration in honour of the city’s patron saint, and quite literally paint the town red while making memories to last you a lifetime. P.S. you may never look at a tomato the same way again.

Festival tips

  • Wear your oldest clothes to the festival so that you’re not upset when they’re inevitably covered in bright red tomato juice
  • Leave your sharp objects, glass bottles, and anything else that might potentially injure someone back at your accommodation
  • Be sure to squash the tomatoes before throwing them (you’re not looking to take someone’s eye out) 

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A couple of ornately dressed people wearing masks as part of the Carnival of Venice

Carnival of Venice, Italy

Picture this; packed streets full of mysterious figures wearing ornately decorated masks, merry-makers calling out to one another from street-side café tables, boats whizzing through canals ferrying partygoers to the next hotspot - it’s February and you’re in the middle of the Carnival of Venice. From dancing in the street to feasting on traditional Italian food, this crazy celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you don’t want to miss.

Festival tips

  • There’ll be plenty of people around so don’t think you’ll be able to speedwalk anywhere – just pick a direction and slowly wander!
  • Get involved in the festivities by wearing a mask (even if it’s just a cheap one you bought at a souvenir shop the day before) 

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