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Go ahead and channel your inner Attenborough narration...

Get ready to witness some of the world’s most epic wildlife experiences, from the iconic migrations across the Serengeti to the mystical gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda to the cheeky penguins on Antarctica’s drifting floes.

With incredible local leaders guiding the way and wildlife experts accompanying you on game drives, bush walks and educational talks, these trips offer an unforgettable chance to come face to face with animals you’ve only ever seen on Planet Earth.

At Intrepid, we ensure that any interactions with wildlife are done responsibly and with the utmost respect. We believe that wild animals should be viewed—without our interference—doing what they do best: living in the wild.

Our wildlife trips

Mountain trekking in Uganda. Be Fearless. Be Intrepid.

Why choose us

Supporting wildlife

Our entire range of wildlife trips promises unforgettable animal experiences. They also directly support the conservation of wildlife and the people who dedicate their lives to it. So, you can rest assured knowing that the money you spend by travelling with us is reinvested into the protection of the wildlife you see and the communities you visit, like the jewellery workshop run by a team of women in Zambia that donates funds for anti-poaching patrols.  

Local expert-led tours

Is your lemur knowledge non-existent? Do you have any idea about the intricacies of Borneo’s jungle ecosystem? Can't tell the orangutans from the chimpanzees? On an Intrepid trip, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. On every wildlife trip, you'll have at least one local wildlife expert, from park rangers knowledgeable about mountain gorillas to Indigenous people with a special connection to the land, to accompany you on your game drives, bush walks or campfire sessions.

Range of experiences

Traditional game drives, boat safaris and nature walks are all par for the course on our wildlife trips, but at Intrepid, our itineraries delve even deeper. We incorporate a range of unique opportunities for wildlife lovers, like a visit to a Wildlife Forensic Laboratory in Zambia where officials investigate wildlife crimes (just like CSI but for animals!) or a talk about Antarctica’s ecosystem from a resident marine biologist on your polar cruise.

Where you can experience wildlife

Popular safari destinations

Explore wildlife family trips

Trekking on Sombrero Chino in the Galapagos Islands

There are families, and then there are animal-loving families. If yours is the kind of tribe who could collectively swoon their way through The Lion King on a regular basis, or who, better yet, would rather spend a Sunday at the wildlife sanctuary than the local cinema, we've got an adventure or three for you.

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Are you a wildlife friendly traveller?

From doing your research to never using animals as a photo prop, there are a few easy ways to become a wildlife-friendly traveller

Listen to our co-founder, Geoff Manchester and founder of the Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park, Lek Chailert, talk about our ban on elephant rides, and what you can do to protect wildlife.

You can also explore how The Intrepid Foundation supports local issues in destinations we visit.

Protection of Elephants in Thailand - Intrepid Travel

Travel with purpose

We are not only giving back through offering safaris that make a difference but also partnering with conservation projects on the ground to raise awareness and important funding through The Intrepid Foundation.

Elephants at Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary play with their carer on a tricycle
Animal welfare

At Intrepid, we believe that it’s our responsibility to help preserve the planet for the next generation of travellers, as well as for the communities – and animals – that call these places home. That’s why we’ve worked with World Animal Protection to create a set of guidelines each and every one of our trips follows.  

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Lion lounging on a tree branch
Our animal welfare pledge

We’re also working with the team at Blood Lions as a commitment to actively working towards a solution to lion exploitation by signing their ‘Born to Live Wild’ pledge. 

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 Orangutan mother cradles baby as they eat fruit in Sepilok Wildlife Rehab Centre
Visiting animals

We only visit facilities involving wild animals in captivity if the reason for the facility directly helps, and is in the best interest, of the animals involved. For example, rescue centres operating with the highest animal welfare and conservation standards possible. 

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Buffalo skulls sits atop a sign welcoming visitors to the Serengeti National Park
Park & conservation fees

Did you know a portion of all national park fees (included in your trip price) go back into the conservation for the parks? In some countries, this can be a considerable amount and goes towards park upkeep, wildlife rehabilitation and protection, and funding for park rangers. 

Travellers and leader on zodiac in Antarctica
Become a Citizen Scientist

Contribute in a very real way on your trip to Antarctica by undertaking scientific studies, recording cloud cover with NASA, participating in the ‘Happy Whale’ initiative (taking photos of whales’ flukes and uploading them to a special database), and conducting seabird surveys.

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Leader in Masai Mara vehicle smiles back at camera
Giving back

Our wildlife trips are specifically designed to include local communities, businesses and NGOs that are working to support the conservation of wildlife, or the people protecting the wild.

Explore gorilla trekking trips

Travellers on gorilla trek look into green brush at a gorilla in Uganda

See the closest living relatives to human beings, in the depths of their jungle home. There are only two populations of mountain gorillas left in the entire world. The first lives in the Virunga volcanic mountains of Central Africa, with groups scattered throughout Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, while the second population lives deep in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

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The people who make our trips great

Man in a red jacket leaning up against an icy ledge
Alex, Antarctica Expedition Leader

Alex has long held a fascination with the natural world and polar regions. A graduate of Cambridge in Natural Sciences, Alex had been a polar guide for over a decade and is the co-founder of the Polar Citizen Science Collective, an organisation devoted to harnessing the research and data collection power of polar tourism. When not on a ship he can usually be found with skis or sticky rubber on his feet.

Man looking at the camera and smiling with lush greenery in the background
Twongyeirwe - Head Ranger (Uganda)

Growing up in a family with a conservation background, Twongyeirwe quickly developed a dream of becoming a wildlife ranger, working with mountain gorillas in the forests of Uganda. He's been living that dream for 16 years (and counting), learning about gorilla behaviours, tracking their movements and passing on that knowledge to passionate travellers just as awestruck by the majesty of these animals as he is. 

Woman crouching on the ground and smiling at the camera
Jessica - Naturalist Guide (Galapagos Islands)

Jessica grew up surrounded by sea lions, sea turtles, iguanas, amazing landscapes, and friendly people on the Galapagos Islands so it's no surprise she turned to a career teaching people about the diversity, endemism, and the marine life of the region she's loved since she was little. When she's not working, you can find her scuba diving, snorkelling and exploring as much of this magical Ecuadorian world as possible. 

Woman wearing a white jacket staring off into the distance
Eva – Citizen Science Coordinator (Polar)

Eva is a polar scientist, with a particular passion for marine mammals. Her love for whales led to her graduating at the top of her class with a Master's in Polar Science from the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge. Researcher, Naturalist, Photographer, Educator, Surveyor, Skipper and Wildlife Officer, Eva has travelled extensively throughout all 7 continents, but her heart remains in the polar regions


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Botswana Adventure

Monica · Traveled June 2024
Intrepid had a carefully developed itinerary; comfortable and safe overnight accommodations; wide-ranging travel and cultural exposure; and a caring and knowledgeable tour crew and local guides. Our particular tour leader, Siya, was enthusiastic, informative, and mindful at all times. Our driver, Shadrack, was experienced and inspired safety and confidence in us throughout 2000+ km. Thank you for making our vacation so memorable!!
Review submitted 28 Jun 2024

Botswana Adventure

Monica · Traveled June 2024
Intrepid had a carefully developed itinerary; comfortable and safe overnight accommodations; wide-ranging travel and cultural exposure; and a caring and knowledgeable tour crew. Our particular tour leader, Siya, was enthusiastic, informative, and mindful at all times. Our driver, Shadrack, was experienced and inspired safety and confidence in us throughout 2000+ km. Thank you for such a wonderful and memorable vacation experience!
Review submitted 28 Jun 2024

Remarkable Rwanda & Gorillas of Uganda

Sukhi · Traveled June 2024
One of the best experiences we have both had in our lives. Seeing the gorillas was a magical and memorable experience and we shall never forget it! We absolutely LOVE Africa!
Review submitted 28 Jun 2024

Nairobi to Stone Town

Janet · Traveled June 2024
Ngorgogong Crater was worth the trip in itself. The rest of it was a bonus and super too.
Review submitted 26 Jun 2024

Nairobi to Stone Town

Tanja · Traveled June 2024
I woul really recommend this trip that totally exceed my expectations. It is not easy with camping and long days, but an amazing adventure and we were looked after so well by our crew. And the animals, people and landscapes were amazing.
Review submitted 27 Jun 2024

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