Where else to start off an adventure through the largest country in the world than in its capital. These tours from Moscow might take you to the nation’s major cities, to cities you’ve never heard of, or across continents on epic railway journeys. The ballet, opera, exhibitions, the Kremlin, Red Square, the magnificent St Basils Cathedral – there is just so much to see and do in Moscow, even the underground stations are worth a tour on their own. Head out to fairy tale-esque Suzdal, be wowed by the cultural majesty of St Petersburg, discover ethnic Tatar culture on the banks of the Volga, take in World War II history in former Stalingrad, or ride the rails of the Trans-Siberian to Russia’s eastern coast.

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8 Days From 1225

Embark on an eight-day tour of essential Russian sights, including mighty Moscow,...

15 Days From 2295

Travel the great Trans-Siberian railway on a winter expedition from Moscow to...

9 Days From 840

A fun-filled trip from Moscow to St Petersburg and some unconventional, but memorable,...

19 Days From 3210

Russia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – make your way through historic Russia...

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