Do you need a visa for Jordan?

The short answer is maybe. Most nationalities will need to obtain a visa to enter Jordan except a few nationalities who are exempt (but more on that later). The process of getting a visa is relatively straightforward, and many nationalities are eligible for a visa on arrival including passport holders of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, China, Canada, the USA, and most European, North American and South American nations. Travellers from African, Asian and some Middle Eastern nations may not be eligible for a visa on arrival and will need to apply for a visa directly with the Jordanian Embassy in their home country prior to departure. For more information on visa eligibility and requirements for your nationality, visit your government's website for up-to-date advice. 

Visa exemptions for Jordan

The following nationalities do not need a visa to enter Jordan. The duration of stay differs depending on where you are from but it generally permits you to stay for up to three months. 

  • Egypt 

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Kuwait

  • Palestine

  • Turkey

  • Qatar

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Oman

  • Bahrain

  • Lebanon

How to apply for a Jordan visa 

Getting a visa on arrival may differ slightly depending on whether you're entering via an airport or land border. 

1. Single-entry visa on arrival

If you're eligible for a visa on arrival and you'll be visiting Jordan for up to one month, you can get a single-entry visa upon arrival at an airport and the Jordan/Israel land border. If you're travelling into Jordan via the Wadi Araba border, Allenby/King Hussein Bridge border or any other land border, you may need to pre-arrange a visa as these borders don't provide visas on arrival. A single-entry visa on arrival costs JOD 40, which is around USD 56.

2. Double-entry visa

A double-entry visa is valid for three months with a period of stay not to exceed 30 days per entry. You can't apply for a double-entry visa on arrival, so you will have to apply in advance with your local Jordanian embassy. A multiple-entry visa costs JOD 60 (approximately USD 80).

3. Multiple-entry visa 

A multiple-entry visa is valid for six months with a duration of stay not to exceed 30 days per entry. You can't get a multiple-entry visa on arrival, so you'll need to arrange it in advance with the Jordanian embassy in your country. A multiple-entry visa costs JOD 120 (around USD 170).

Entry requirements to get a visa for Jordan

You will need to ensure your passport is valid for at least six months prior to entering Jordan. You may also need a copy of your return ticket, travel itinerary and your hotel reservation.

Make sure you research the visa requirements as soon as you have booked your trip and give yourself enough time to gather any necessary documents. If you have any questions or concerns, check with the relevant embassy, consulate in your home country or your travel agent. 

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