Is Uganda LGBTQIA+ friendly?

Uganda has some of the world’s harshest anti-LGBTQIA+ laws. Homosexuality has been illegal in Uganda since the 19th century, however, the Anti-Homosexuality Act signed into law by President Yoweri Museveni on 30 May 2023 imposes more severe penalties for LGBTQIA+ people.

The act means Ugandans who engage in same-sex activity can face life imprisonment, and, in some cases, the death penalty. It also prohibits the “promotion of homosexuality”, meaning anyone who advocates for or supports LGBTQIA+ people or organisations that do so could face up to 20 years in jail, including representatives of human rights groups or individuals who financially support them.

Life for LGBTQIA+ people in Uganda can be oppressive and dangerous. Police can also target and arrest people based on their presumed sexual orientation and gender identity.

Is Uganda safe for LGBTQIA+ travellers?

Some of the language in the anti-homosexuality law passed in May 2023 is vague and open to interpretation, and it remains unclear how this law will be implemented. We recommend that LGBTQIA+ travellers carefully consider the risks of travelling to Uganda and refer to your government’s foreign travel advisories. Equaldex and ILGA are other useful resources for LGBTQIA+ travellers.

Why does Intrepid travel to Uganda when it has these laws in place?

Intrepid is aware of Uganda’s newly introduced legislation affecting LGBTQIA+ people – as a company these discriminatory laws do not reflect our values and we stand in solidarity with LGBTQIA+ travellers all over the world.

While some commentators have called for a travel boycott to Uganda, Intrepid believes travel plays an important role in connecting people, building greater understanding and empowering both local communities and travellers. Boycotts can often unintentionally impact the wrong people and can make communities even more vulnerable and isolated.

With that in mind, Intrepid Travel will continue to strive to build an inclusive company for our people and our customers, while continuing to support the vital contribution that tourism makes for local communities and conservation in Uganda.

Learn more about our position on travel bans.

Solo travel and room sharing

On our trips rooms are assigned on a twin-share basis. We pair up solo travellers with another traveller of the same gender as per your passport or the information we have in our booking system, so if you identify differently from the gender marker on your passport, please let us know in advance. We also have a single supplement available on most trips for travellers who prefer to have their own room.

Last updated: 01/08/2023

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