Want to spend Labour Day lounging in Sri Lanka? How does Easter in Machu Picchu sound?

Make the most of your annual leave for 2024 (and level up your travels!) with Intrepid.  
To help with your planning, we’ve crunched the numbers so you can get the most out of Australia’s public holidays for 2024. 

January – New Years Day and 26 January

Days to take off: 

  • New Year's Day: Take off 2 – 5 January for a nine-day holiday 
  • January 26: Take off 22 – 25 January for a nine-day holiday  

Bring in 2024 as you sail around idyllic islands of Phuket or trek through the Tarkine in Tasmania. Later in the month, you could use a long weekend to cruise through Milford Sound, explore the old-world charm of Hoi An or more.  

After surviving the festive season and another year at work, you deserve a trip away! 

New Year's trip options: 

January 26 trip options: 

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April – Easter and ANZAC Day 

Days to take off: 

  • Easter: Take off 2 – 5 April for a 10-day holiday 

  • ANZAC Day: Take off 22 – 24 April and 26 April for a nine-day holiday 

Around Easter you could swap chocolates for pasteis de nata in Portugal, explore Wadi Rum’s dramatic landscape in Jordan or laze beachside in Indonesia. For ANZAC Day a short break adventure could be calling – you might encounter ancient Thai kingdoms, zip around the Sahara or cross into Cappadocia.  

Easter trip options: 

ANZAC trip options: 

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June – King's Birthday (excl. QLD & WA)

Days to take off: 

  • King’s Birthday: Take off 11 – 14 June for a nine-day holiday 

As the cooler temperatures begin to take hold, why not snap the mid-year slump with a well-earned break? Using a few days off, you could embrace the start of European summer by touring through glamorous Southern Italy, colourful Greek Islands or the quaint villages of southern France. Or keep it closer to home and take the chance to explore some of Australia’s most significant sites – Uluru and Kings Canyon.  

King's Birthday trip options: 

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October – Labour Day (ACT, NSW, SA) and King's Birthday (QLD)

Days to take off: 

  • Labour Day: Take off 8 – 11 October for a nine-day holiday 

Make the most of the quieter crowds and milder temperatures the changing seasons provide. Skip the queues as you pedal along Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian Coast, embark along Spain’s iconic Camino de Santiago or trace the outline of India’s vibrant Golden Triangle. Adding in that extra bit of adventure could do wonders for the rest of the year! 

Labour day trip options: 

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December – Christmas and New Year’s Day  

Days to take off: 

  • Christmas and New Year's Day: Take off 23 – 24 December, 27 December, 30 – 31 December, 2 – 3 January 2025 for a 16-day holiday  

You’ve made it! The end of the year is here, and it’d only be right to reward your efforts – the holiday season is prime time for an extended adventure. Why not chase aurora borealis in Iceland? How about an overland trip through the Okavango Delta? Or navigate through the history and cultural heritage of Vietnam and Cambodia? Work hard, but holiday harder.  

Christmas & New Year's trip options: 

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