Will my mobile phone work in Egypt?

Yes, mobile phone coverage is generally good in Egypt’s urban areas, but coverage may not be as available in remote and desert areas. Your most cost-effective option to stay connected while you're travelling will likely be to purchase a local SIM card when you arrive.

Otherwise, you can activate global roaming while travelling through Egypt, but be sure to check extra costs with your mobile provider as this option can often turn out to be quite expensive.

Buying a SIM card in Egypt

To avoid roaming charges, it's probably best to buy a local SIM card in Egypt. Local SIM cards can be used on most unlocked phones from Europe, Asia and Australia and some unlocked phones from North America, but because Egypt's mobile phones run on a GSM network, a lot of cell phones from the US and Canada may not work. You'll still be able to access wi-fi when it's available, but a mobile plan may not be an appropriate way to get connected. 

For most other travellers, picking up a local SIM is probably your least expensive course of action. Egypt has three main telecommunications providers – Orange, Vodafone and Etisalat – and you can visit one of their kiosks or stores to get a SIM card. Here, they may ask for a passport and confirmation of address; then you will be able to get your mobile connected.

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