As Nepal recovers from the devastating earthquakes of 2015, we are doing our very best to encourage travellers to head to the region and discover what makes it one of the world’s most epic destinations on the planet. That’s because here at Intrepid, we simply love Nepal. It is a country that has been core to our adventures for many years, with the best trekking experiences on earth, an irrepressible, generous and warm people, and panoramas that will take your breath away. 

Top reviews on Nepal holidays

Thinking of heading to Nepal for a holiday but not sure whether it’s something that would be right for you? Have a read through some of our passenger feedback below to read the latest reviews from travellers on Intrepid trips in the region.


Annapurna Explorer, October 2017

Irene Thiessen

Annapurna Sanctuary, September 2017

Jodie Dunbar

Everest Base Camp, October 2017

Shayne O'Brien

Experience Nepal, October 2017

Jan Gursanscky

Annapurna Explorer, October 2017

Louise Hogan

Everest Base Camp, September 2017

Simon Haycock

Everest Base Camp, September 2017

Bessey Nithianantharajah

Experience Nepal, September 2017

Fern Pendragon

Annapurna Explorer, September 2017

Marilyn Thomas

Annapurna Sanctuary, September 2017

Angela Kazimierczyk

Everest Base Camp, September 2017

andrew hinton

Annapurna Explorer, September 2017

Ireneusz Koman


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